I may live to regret making this Blog

There is every possibility that I will live to regret having created this blog. There is a chance that a few months from now this will exist on the Internet as a mockery of yet another a failed attempt by me todo something about my weight. But this morning, March 1, 2014, that is a risk I am willing to take.

A Bit About me

I am a 52 year old, married father of 4. For most of my adult life I have struggled with my weight. Today I weigh as much as I ever have, tipping the scale at 345 pounds. Yesterday I was at my doctor’s office for a follow-up exam. While waiting for her to come in I looked at the BMI chart and realized that for my height (6′ even), to be considered NOT overweight, I would have to weigh 177 pounds. That is 168 pounds less than I weigh today. In other words, my extra weight is the equivalent of carrying around another person who is also nearly over weight.

Generally, I am a healthy person, except for the weight. I am borderline diabetic, controlled through minimal use of diet and almost no exercise. When last checked, my cholesterol was slightly elevated, but not enough to worry (new blood work will be back in about a week). My Blood Pressure at yesterday’s visit was 102/80.

I do suffer from a lot of body aches. I have knees that hurt daily. And, after wrestling with snow and ice this year, I have a lower back that speaks to me even as I sit here and type. The things about me that are less than healthy – blood sugar, joint pain, lower back pain – can all be significantly eased or even eliminated if I would JUST LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT.

I have lost weight in the past. On May 1, 2000 I joined Weight Watchers. Over the course of the next 15 months I managed to lose about 72 pounds. When we went on our family vacation that summer, I felt great. I even allowed myself to be seen outside with my shirt off.

blog - vacation 2001 pics of me

Pictures of me from my family vacation in 2001

That summer I was still playing softball in a Church league. I had one of the best years. I was slightly less slow (I have never been blessed with speed), I hit the ball well, and I fielded well. All around I felt great!

Then something happened. I am not really sure what it was. Sometimes I think it had something to do with the September 11 events, and the funk they put me in to. Sometimes I think I just got complacent. Whatever the case, not only did I lose my steam for losing weight, but I started gaining again. It has been a steady rise ever since.

blog - IMG_0552

At a family reunion in the summer of 2011. At least I maintained a sense of humor about it all.

Here is the really discouraging news. That summer I weighed in at 218 pounds. After 15 months of work, I was still obese.

Today I have the tools I need to succeed. I have a gym membership which my wife uses, but I do not. I have a membership in Weight Watchers Online, and I own a fit bit to help me calculate my daily calorie burn. Recently, all three of these amazing tools have sat unused, collecting both figurative and literal dust.

I am not going to make any bold proclamations. That is a sure recipe for disaster. What I am going to do is set a realistic set of goals for myself. I am going to try to lose 2 pounds or more every week. I am going to exercise more, eat less, and eat right. If the resolve I have this morning lasts beyond the publishing of this blog, then I will see results.

Along the way I am going to document my progress. I am going to include a page showing my current progress chart for weight. I will share my thoughts on the process along the way as well. I plan to post links to sites that I find helpful, and I will discuss various restaurants where I eat, and foods I find both helpful and harmful. With the help of my wife (who is a talented and skilled cook), I will also post recipes from time to time.

I am launching this blog to help me be more accountable. I am not setting myself up to be a weight loss guru, or anything like that. I just want to have a place that is somewhat public where I can share my successes and failures, my struggles and triumphs, and my gains and losses. Hopefully, this time, I will win and succeed!


  1. You can do it, Bob. I am on a similar journey, and started journaling again 2 days ago. It’s interesting that we each started again at almost the exact same time, since we both lost our weight at the same time as well. I remember our lunches at ITHQ, the walks for exercise, and our successes. As I said: You can do it. And so can I. Keep up the good fight.


    1. Thanks, Mike! I remember those walks and lunches too. We did an amazing job back then, and I am convinced we can do it again.

      Thank you for your words of support.


  2. There’s so much about what I just read in this first blog post about you that I see in myself. I weighed in this morning at 334.6 pounds. The heaviest I have ever been. I am also a 6′ tall male. Currently @ 45 years old and I have also gone on a weight loss journey in the past. In 2012, I lost almost 75 pounds and that summer I felt great. Like you I was active, felt awesome, looked amazing (according to my wife). I too went on summer vacation and can’t understand what happened. I lost focus, lost steam, and became complacent. I gained 90 pounds (everything I lost plus some). Now I struggle regularly trying to lose weight again and get back what I had accomplished (even though I was still 50-60 away from goal back then). Just to even get to where I was would make me happy. After today’s weigh in, I decided to look for more motivation. I took back our kitchen from the wife and I will get back to cooking the meals (like I used to in 2012) and finding blogs like this to inspire and motivate me to do things right. I hope it works and I look forward to reading every post in your blog starting now.




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