My weekly Weigh-in

This morning I weighed in at 345 pounds. That is a 3.6 pound loss from last week, and has me at en even 10 pounds lost since the start. I have updated my Progress Chart.

In terms of my weight, I am feeling just a little better than when I started. I don’t yet see a difference in how my clothes are fitting, I think that will take another 10 pounds or so.

In terms of my overall outlook, I feel GREAT! In the past two weeks I have increased my activity level as well. My joints are bothering me less, and my back isn’t hurting. I will write more about that on Sunday when I update my weekly goals, and set new ones for the week.

Looking back

This past week I went to a birthday party. There was a ton of really great food there, and the beer and wine were flowing as well. Just with the buffet of dinner food, there was plenty of opportunity to blow things up, add on top of that the delicious cake and other desserts at the end of the evening, and it was a perfect opportunity to do some diet busting.

I walked through the line with an empty plate first, so I could plot out my strategy. On my second pass I put some classic favorites – stuffed cabbage, fresh broccoli, a few cheese cubes, and a small helping of meat balls. I sat with some friends and had good conversation while I enjoyed the plate. I did go refill later, but stuck to much the same fare. Over the course of the evening I opted for Coors Light beer, and decided that I would be the driver going home that night, which limited me to 3 beers over the 6 or so hours we were there. The next morning I woke up feeling very good about myself. When I totaled up the points I was still on target for the day, and declared it a success.

This past week my wife also made her famous and incredible home made pizza. Imagine the best deep dish, Chicago style pizza you ever tasted, and amp that up about 50%. That is my wife’s home made pizza. In the past I would have gorged myself on 3, 4 or even 5 slices of the stuff. This time I limited myself to two pieces, ate them as slowly as I could, and managed to keep on track.

Tomorrow I am going to write about my trip to the Chinese restaurant, and how I made that work for me.

Looking ahead

I am an Irishman, and this is St. Patrick’s day weekend. I plan to celebrate with some close friends on Sunday. I am certain I will have a stacked corned beef sandwich, and my share of some good beer. It is a huge holiday for me, and I am mentally prepared that I will probably bust my points for the day. But, I am planning ahead, and will make good choices the rest of the week. I am confident that next Friday when I write my update, there will be good news to report.

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