Update on my weekly goals

Time to give an update on my goals for the past week, and my plans for the week ahead.

Looking Back Last week I had 3 major goals; to take 50,000 steps, climb 60 floors and get to the gym at least once. Here is how I did on each:


As I am sitting here writing I am at 49,005 steps, or 98% of my goal. This was a 7 day goal stretching from Monday to Sunday, so the walking  I do today will put me well over the top. At work I averaged between 7,500 and 8,000 steps. What made the difference was the walking I did outside of work, which I also tracked this week.

Stair Climbing

By applying the ideas I have on how to get more exercise at work, I achieved most of this goal within my work days. I managed to climb an average of 12 flights of stairs each day at work. As of this morning I am at 79 flights, or 132% of the goal.

Going to the gym

On this one I far exceeded my goal. I wanted to make sure that I made one trip to the fitness center which included actually getting out of the car. That first trip happened on Tuesday night. I came home from work tired, and wanting a nap. I have partially packed my gym bag the night before, so I grabbed the few things remaining and headed over. I was a bit anxious about it between my fear of being watched, and of incurring pain in my joints. But I did a solid 45 minute workout.

On Wednesday when I got home from work I headed over again, and put in another 50 minute workout. MY anxiety level was far lower, and I was able to get into the groove. The workout playlist I assembled after dinner on Tuesday certainly helped keep me motivated.

As the end of the week approached, I asked my wife if she wanted to get up on Saturday morning and join me in a trip to the gym. There is a water aerobics class taught at 8:00am which she enjoys, so she was game. We both rose, grabbed our gear, and went for a great workout. I felt energized the rest of the day!

Looking ahead

For the week ahead I will keep the walking and stair climbing goals at the same level. I don’t want to raise them and put artificial pressure on myself while at work. I want to sustain this level for a few weeks and see how it matters in terms of how winded I am  when completing the laps.

I am going to set 135 minutes of workout time as my goal for the week. That represents 3 trips of 45 minutes each to the gym. I plan to accomplish this with two evening trips and either a Saturday or Sunday morning workout depending on my schedule

This week I am adding a new component, testing my blood sugar. When I went to my doctor 3 weeks ago she asked me to start testing my blood again. I have put this off in part because I don’t have test strips for my machine, but also because I wanted to gain some momentum on this journey before I added in those tests. This week the goal is to get the strips and test my blood after two meals on 4 days. I am not setting a goal about the readings until I get a baseline.

My thoughts

Holding myself accountable for the actions and goals has been a help. Without my fitbit to remind me what I have accomplished so far within the day, it would be easy to forget or ignore the goals. With regards to gym trips, I would have been tempted to put it off until the last minute, but I knew that I wanted to exceed the goal. I am finding the setting of SMART goals to be a key to keeping me on the path!

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