Weight loss and my belief that I can

“When you believe and think ‘I can,’ you activate your motivation, commitment, confidence, concentration and excitement – all of which relate directly to achievement.” (Dr. Jerry Lynch)
In a change of pace today, I am going to use the same quote to inspire posts in two of my blogs. Earlier today I wrote in Just some thoughts I have… about this quote from Dr. Jerry Lynch. You can read that post here. As I have reflected on the quote, there are examples beyond my forays into woodworking. My weight loss journey is prime among them.

Back in 2000, when I decided to lose weight, I started with the idea that I could do it. I remember sitting at a restaurant with my wife for our anniversary. While working my way through a giant pile Italian delights, I told her that I had decided to lose weight. The fact that it was Buca di Beppo, and there was plenty of old-school Catholic-themed décor surrounding me even made me quip that it was my “last supper”.

That was a long time ago, and I cannot remember exactly what lead me to want to start losing weight. I do know that I had tried and failed in the past. I would get a week into something, or even a few days, and I would falter. Each of the times that I failed I had the attitude of failure going in. I saw the mountain as too high to climb. But that night, with my belly full of pasta, I believed I could do it.

The following weeks and months had their ups and downs, but never did I falter in my belief that I could accomplish the weight loss. I ended up losing 25% of my weight in about 5 months. Had I managed to keep that weight off, this blog wouldn’t exist. But, that is another story for another day.

In recent years I have thought often about losing weight. I have tried eating less, exercising more. We bought a gym membership, and I had a subscription to Weight Watchers online. But all of that failed because I didn’t believe that I could lose the weight. Because I lacked that belief, I had only a glimmer of motivation and concentration, and I lacked commitment that would last more than a day. Because I had no confidence, I also had no excitement. I was doomed to failure from the start.

It wasn’t a conscious choice, but this time I did approach my weight loss and fitness journey by first believing I could do it. I may have been hesitant, and I parsed some of my words here, but under that I had a belief that losing weight and becoming more healthy was something within my power. I could, indeed succeed.

Since that day I have been a steam train chugging down the track. My motivation, commitment, excitement, confidence and concentration have all been high. The results are preliminary to be sure, but encouraging as well. With some dedication I can reach my 5% weight loss goal by the end of next week. Taking five weeks to lose 5% is remarkable, and it all started because I believed I could do it.

There are going to be times when this journey is tested. I will have weeks when I lose almost nothing, or even gain weight, it is inevitable. No one outside of a reality TV show can sustain a healthy, rapid weight loss for a long period of time without there being plateaus and setbacks. But, because I know I will ultimately succeed, these will be but pebbles on the path. I know I will push my way through them.
All because I believe I CAN!

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