First disappointment…

This week one of my goals was to get the test strips refilled for my glucose meter and start testing my blood again. I am a diabetic (time to start using denial words like “pre-diabetic”, or “low end diabetic”, and just call it what it is). So far my doctor has had me treat it with diet and exercise. I have known about this for two and a half years, and until the last month have done very little about it. My A1C test started just over 7, I did some things the first few months back in 2012, and got it down to 5.8. Since then I have been complacent, and it is back up to 7.1.

As part of this journey to better health, I want to make that number go down. I am more dedicated to diet and exercise. I am working out for over 100 minutes a week, and have been losing weight. My goal is to have that number go back into the low 6 range when I see my doctor in June. In the meantime, she wants me to test my blood with a glucometer twice a day, two hours after a meal.

Yesterday I picked up the refills on the test strips, and got my meter all set up. Last night I waited until two hours after dinner to make the first test. The target she has set for me is to be below 150. I was a bit excited, I’ve been eating well and exercising, and my weight is going down. So when I put in that strip and added a drop of my blood I expected a good number. It came out to 156. I was pretty devastated.

I spent the rest of the evening moping around. I wasn’t expecting something negative there. I had myself psyched up for a good score. I went to bed a bit depressed.

My wife and I talked about the likely reasons for the high reading. She made a really delicious jambalaya that was served over a bed of black rice. I added some Siracha sauce to kick it up a bit more, and really enjoyed the dish. Then I made the mistake. I liked it so much I had seconds. And, I heaped on the rice. We are convinced that the carbohydrates in the rice were what did me in for that reading.

The good news is that running the test had EXACTLY the effect my doctor sought. She told me that the reason she wants me to test is that when we test, we pay more attention to what we are eating, and we make better choices. I thought I was making pretty good choices, but the test told me I still have work to do.

I know that I have a very loving and supportive set of friends and family members. And I know all of them want to wish me words of encouragement. I will, of course, accept all of the love without complaint. I want you all to know, though, that I am OK with this. I didn’t expect this journey to be along a pleasant, fun, straight path. I knew there would be bumps and setbacks. And I knew that staying on track, losing weight, and improving my A1C was going to take a lot of thought and effort.

Today I made better choices with my meals. At lunch I had a crunchy salad with some grilled chicken. It was tasty, and low in carbohydrates, and my test two hours later came in at 92. I was buoyed by that result. For dinner I had another salad, and will be testing later. I expect a similar result.

The bottom line here is that I know I have a lot of work to do, and I have a lot to learn. Having that first


  1. Great job at getting your A1C back down today! Hang in there I’m sure you will do learn more and more about controlling your sugar as you go.


  2. The mere fact that you are making the very brave strides to make these changes and choosing to take control makes me so happy for you. The fact that when you had a less than stellar result you didn’t let this derail you! I am very proud of you!


  3. You have the right attitude!! So thats teh first step. This journey is one step at at time! If you have a smart phone check out My fitness Pal its a great app it will help you regulate what you are about to eat before eating it. You can log all of your food its great for trying to lloose weight! Also I am in the process of building a fitness website I just launched it on my birthday. Its completely free and there are some great low calorie recipes. I have a bunch more to upload on there but whatever you do don’t give you!!
    Em J


    1. I will definitely check your site. Right now I am using the Weight Watchers app, but some of my friends use my fitness pal. I know it is a good site also.

      As always, thanks for your kind words and support


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