Three bad choices

It will be interesting to see how I weigh in on Friday. There is still another whole day to go, and I have already made 3 rookie mistakes in the weight loss journey. And none of them had to do with the triple birthday party I attended!

The first occurred last Friday at lunch time. A good friend had contacted me a few days before to set up a time for us to have lunch and catch up. We are pretty close friends, but with things being busy for each of us, it had been a while since we just sat and talked. When Friday arrived he suggested a restaurant where I had never dined. A co-worker heard where I was going and suggested the lemon chicken. It turns out that is the signature dish at this restaurant. Without hesitation, I ordered it.

Lemon chicken at this restaurant consists of two pounded breast of chicken that are lightly breaded and sautéed in a lemon butter sauce. They are then served on a very generous pile of rice. After the fact I estimated this lunch to be on the order of 25 to 30 Weight Watchers Points. I also had a bowl of soup.

My mistake in that lunch was that I forgot the rule of “if you can halve it, you can have it”. Rather than being smart and dividing my plate in half, I attacked the dish. We were talking, and having a great conversation, and before I knew it my former self had demolished the entire dish. It was delicious, and I do not regret ordering it. I do, though, regret not taking half of it home for lunch the next day.

The second mistake came when I decided to feed the need for some Mexican food. There is a really great Mexican restaurant not far from where I work. I went there with a friend, and noted that the special was a combo plate with two chunky beef burritos, rice and coleslaw. Without hesitation, I ordered the special.

I did have the presence of mind to avoid the yummy, but point-laden bowl of chips. I limited myself to about an ounce of them (7 chips, yes I counted, and 2 points). And, I even elected to have cheese on only one of the burritos. But, when the order came, I ate both burritos. I should have only ordered one burrito, with coleslaw. I could have skipped the rice altogether, or if I had it just left half of it on the plate.

My third mistake was last night. My wife made jambalaya, served over black rice. It was delicious, and one serving should have been enough, but I went back for seconds.

All three of these mistakes lead me to the same conclusion. It is not yet automatic for me to make healthy choices at meals. I have not re-trained myself to think differently about food. Each meal I have to be vigilant and make sure that I am making the best choice possible. It will take some months of this before that reaction becomes automatic.

The good news for these is that I realized my mistakes soon after, and adjusted my eating in the next couple of meals. So, chances are this will still be a good week, but it did raise my awareness about the need to always be thinking about my food choices.


  1. Hey Bob! This happens to the best of us. When I worked at Olive Garden we had a regular that came in every Sunday. She always had her waiter/waitress put half of her meal into a take out container before even bringing it to the table. I have also done it myself a few times. Just a small suggestion. You are doing absolutely amazing. I could tell a difference when I saw you saturday!


  2. It’s so easy to fall back into bad eating habits, but two thumbs up to you for realizing and now completely jumping off the healthy lifestyle wagon and continuing with your unhealthy choices!! I’m sure you will end up having a great week!


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