Weekly Goals

For the current week I have met or exceeded all of my goals. Here is a look back at them, and a look at how I will inch the bar up some this week.

Looking back
Going to the gym. For this week my goal was to make at least 3 trips to the gym, of 45 minutes each (a total of 135 minutes). For the week I ended up with a total of 4 trips, and 225 total minutes. Each trip met or exceeded the 45 minute mark, with my last one being a full 70 minutes. On that last trip of 70 minutes I wanted to see how long it would take me to walk 5K. I have been thinking about incorporating a 5K run/walk into my spring and summer routing. I found out that on flat land I can walk 5K in just over 1 hour.

Walking. I kept my goal level at 50,000 steps for the second week in a row. This time, thanks in part to an extra gym visit, I walked over 60,000 steps (and I still have today to walk more). Each of the 4 trips to the gym resulted in over 13,000 steps on those days. Each day gets a little easier with the walking.

Stair Climbing. My goal was 60 floors for the week. I get most of my stair climbing in at work, so the level I was aiming at was 12 flights per day. I ended up hitting 83 floors for the work week, or more than 16 flights per day.

Blood testing. The goal for the week was to get my test strips prescription filled, and to test at least 8 times. I reached both of those goals.

Looking ahead
For the week ahead I want to tweak some of my previous goals, and set some more challenging levels.

Gym visits. I don’t expect to always make 4 trips to the gym, so I am keeping the number of visits in my goal at 3. I am changing the average time of workout to be 1 hour per visit, up from 45 minutes each. My weekly goal is at least 180 minutes of working out.

Walking. Here I am setting the goal at 60,000 steps. I may not make a 4th trip to the gym, so this could be a real challenge. I may have to do more neighborhood walking in the evening, as weather permits. I am setting the goal for this week to sustain my level from last week.

Stair Climbing. This is another goal I am setting to the accomplishment of the previous week. This week my goal is 80 flights of stairs. If I cannot reach this at work, I may have to climb onto the stair climber at the gym to make up the difference.

Blood testing. My doctor has prescribed that I test twice every day. I know that sometimes things get in the way, and I don’t always test, so my goal for this week is 12 tests. She also wants to see each one below 150, so my goal for the week is to have no more than 2 go above that mark. To accomplish this goal I will have to continue to monitor my food choices through the day, and adjust as I learn about what has an effect on my score.

As I sit here on Sunday morning writing this, I feel energized. I have done some things in the last few weeks that I haven’t done in decades. Looking forward to my next week!

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