Weakly update (spelling intentional)

I haven’t written much on this blog this week. I realize today that I never even updated my weekly goals. As it turns out I have also not been as diligent on my diet and exercise, and the results speak for themselves. This morning I weighed in at 320.4. That is a 1.6 pound loss since last week. On the surface it would be good to celebrate a loss of weight, but I am not in a celebratory mood over it.

The seven days since my last weigh in have been stressful. I have a lot going on at home and at work, and the workload has increased. I didn’t do as much walking as I should have at work, and I missed a trip to the gym. I found myself eating a lot more comfort food at restaurants than I have in recent weeks as well.

To paint a balanced picture, even in my comfort food binges, I have made good choices. I have opted for salads, and low point alternatives. That is why this is a weight loss week, and not a weight gain week.

I also have let myself have excuses for not walking at work. My fit bit wasn’t charging correctly (thanks to a trip through the washer and dryer), my meeting schedule increased, and so on. Truth is, those are excuses. I wasn’t so busy this week that I couldn’t spare 10 minutes to take a walk. And, I wasted time at lunch going out when a salad in the cafeteria would have afforded me plenty of walking time.

I did have some things going on at home that got in the way of a gym workout, but I also elected to take an evening off when it was a prime opportunity to work out. Again, I used a busy schedule as an excuse.

It may seem that I am being hard on myself in a week when I lost weight, and that is true. I am being hard on myself because I could have done better. I have not nearly lost enough of the “low hanging fruit” weight that my losses should be slowing down. At the weight I am presently, if I continue doing the things I did the week before I would still be losing 3+ pounds per week.

This afternoon I am going back to the gym. I think a good hour there will brighten my self image, and get me back on the right track!

My weekly progress chart has also been updated.

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