Week 7 Weigh-in

Last week at this time I was less than enthused with my weekly weigh-in. For that week I had dropped only 1.6 pounds, and knew that it was because I had not always made the best choices and was tending toward excuses. This past week I have been more diligent and dedicated to my plan, and the results show. For this week just ended I lost 3.8 pounds. That bring my total weight loss for the last 7 weeks to 28.4 pounds.

Last Friday I flared up a pretty nasty blister on the ball of my right foot. It caused me to re-think my approach to foot care in the long run, and in the short run it meant that I had to stop using the treadmill at the gym. I substituted the stationary bike. I usually can’t handle the bike for more than 30 minutes, but this week I stretched myself. Last night I was on it for a full hour. All week I have been up over 45 minutes. When I use the bike I sweat more, and my heart rate is higher than when I walk. Sustaining the bike for a longer time means that I am getting more benefit of the exercise.

Also this week I made a lot of great food choices. At lunch time I ate restaurant food only once, and it was a chef salad. That still represents more points than I would ordinarily have, but still a better choice than the chili dogs or gyros of my past. We went out to dinner twice, and both times I made good choices. Once was a trip to Ruby Tuesday. I had their Asiago Peppercorn Steak (10 points), and had their salad bar and steamed broccoli for sides. The other trip was to Bonefish Grill where had…you guessed it…fish. I opted for no sauce on the fish, and finished it with broccoli and asparagus. I also resisted their heavily calorie laden appetizers and desserts.

At work I was slowed in my walking and stair climbing due to the blister. Hopefully next week it will be fully healed and I can get back on track there. To compensate, I made an extra trip to the gym. Since my last weigh-in I have been to the gym 5 times for a total of 4.5 hours of workout time. I never thought I’d say this, but the gym is becoming addictive.

I am very happy with my results this past week. The week ahead will have some challenges with the Easter Holiday, and a disruption to my daily routine. I may not see a 3.8 pound loss, but I will work hard to make sure that my positive choices and activities continue to gain momentum in my life.


  1. Thank you Bob for sharing your journey and letting us all be a part of it. I really enjoy reading these and hearing your trials and tribulations. Keep up the great work!!!


    1. Thank you, Katie!
      I am thoroughly enjoying the ride on this weight loss journey. And, I am pleased with the results to date. Sharing them with others helps me stay on track.


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