Big news on my weight loss journey!!

Today is weigh-in day, and I am thrilled. Last week when I weighed in I was just under 10% weight loss since the start of this journey. It was frustrating because I was so close, but I was upbeat because I had still lost 2.4 pounds for the week.

This past week I got in 4 workouts, and watched my points. My non-work out activity level was lower because I was working from home, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got on the scale. Imagine my thrilled surprise when the scale showed 308.6! That represents a total loss of 36.4 pounds (3 pounds this week), and puts me past the 10% mark, coming in at 10.6% total lost.

I took a look at my BMI today too. When I started it was calculating at 46.8. Today it is 41.8, a drop of 5 points on the BMI scale. I didn’t do measurements when I started this journey, so I can’t say exactly what’s happened to my waist size. But, I know that every pair of pants I own fit differently today than they did on March 1. In fact, I have already had to retire two pair of blue jeans because they won’t stay up anymore (I am keeping one of them for a cool Jared-like after picture someday).

At the gym the other day I noticed that my gym shorts are fitting more loosely. I will have to make sure that I cinch them up well, so I don’t end up dropping trow in the middle of a workout. I don’t want to buy any just yet, because I am still losing weight.

I looked up some things about losing 10% of my weight, and here are some of the benefits according to WebMD among other sites (some of these will require going to my next doctor appointment to check):

  • Lower my chances of type 2 diabetes. I have been borderline on this for a few years. I am supposed to measure my blood twice each day 2 hours after I eat. I haven’t been as religious about checking, but whenever I do I am at about 125, which is well below the 150 target my doctor set. I’ll be curious to see what my A1C will be when I go to see her on June 20th.
  • Lower blood pressure. Mine was actually really good already, so I won’t expect much of a change here.
  • Less pain associated with arthritis, joint disease and lower back pain. This is one I can attest to. When I started this process I had some real issues with my lower back. The long, harsh winter meant that I was shoveling and running my snow blower a lot. Both of those activities were hard on my lower back. Since starting, the snow has finally ceased, but more importantly I have been much more active and involved in exercising. The first few weeks of workouts, my knees hurt almost daily. Now it is rare to get knee pain, and back pain is a thing of the past.
  • More energy. Again, I can attest to this one. I feel far more energetic. Things that used to wind me I now handle with ease. I look forward to a trip to the gym, instead of my usual dread.
  • A mental edge. I feel more energetic not only in body, but in mind as well. I have noticed that my mood has been better, and I have been able to think more clearly.

I still have a long way to go on this journey, and I am not resting on my laurels in the least. Today I posted a new progress chart. There I set my next big goal of 20% loss, and reset the 2#/week line to start from today’s weight. If I can keep a pace of 2 pounds per week, I could reach the 20% goal by Labor Day (First Monday in September in the US). We shall see on that one.

Today I feel really great about this journey. Reaching the 10% milestone is a big psychological boost, and is motivating me to do more. When I started, I didn’t expect to be at this level until at least the end of June. But, because I was so far over weight, I have been easily passing the 2 pounds per week line on a regular basis. I know that my current 3.6 pounds pace isn’t sustainable, and not even healthy as I lose more weight, but I will take the achievement as it sits.

I think today I will celebrate with a slice of my wife’s famous, homemade pizza, and a beer for dinner. Then tomorrow morning, back to the gym!


    1. Thank you. I think with the help and encouragement of my family and friends, and the strong inner resolve I feel, this path will continue.

      thanks for following my blog. I will get a look at yours as well.


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