Five “new” shirts!

As I have been progressing through my journey to better health, I have been noticing that my clothes are fitting differently. Losing nearly 40 pounds will do that for you. In many cases it is just a matter of my clothes fitting “better” than they did. Things aren’t stretched and stressed as much by my girth.

In recent years I have been quite conscious of getting rid of clothes that don’t fit. In part I did this out of the need to liberate closet and drawer space. But, the bigger reason was that prior to this year I didn’t want anything around to remind me how fat I was. I knew I was gaining weight, and I knew that clothes bought for me in the spring didn’t fit in the fall, let alone the next spring, so why keep them around as silent reminders of what a mess I was becoming.

Now that I am losing weight I don’t have a closet full, or dresser full of clothes that are the next few sizes down. But apparently I was not quite thorough enough with my shirts. Last Monday as I was getting dressed I looked way over to the left in my closet and saw that there were 5 shirts that were a size smaller than the ones I was presently wearing. I tried them on and they fit nicely. So, for this past week at work I wore 5 “new” shirts. I would guess that it’s been at least 2 years since I have worn any of them, possibly 3. Later in the week I also tried on a pair of pants that had survived the purge and was pleased to see they fit as well.

This weight loss thing is going to become expensive soon. At the pace I am on, my pants, shirts, even my underwear will become so large on me as to become impractical. I have been watching, and the first thing I need to buy is a new belt. I am  on the first hole, and the belt is doing only a nominal job of holding up my already-loose pants.

I am not in any way complaining about this. I am excited that I fit into smaller clothes. As nice as the people are at Casual Male XL, I would like very much never to shop there again. In recent years, as my girth has expanded, it has become increasingly difficult and expensive to find clothes that not only fit, but looked nice. As I get back down to more “normal” sizes, I will have a lovely array from which to choose at better prices.

For now, I am enjoying the idea of the “new” shirts and pants in my closet.

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