Week 13 Weigh-in

This morning I tipped the scale at 302.6 pounds. For the week I am down 2.8 pounds. My total weight loss to date is 42.4, or 12.3%

This past week was a National Holiday week (Memorial Day) for us here in the US. My wife and I used the opportunity to go on a mini-getaway for two days. We made sure that our activities included a good, long walk.

A while back I blogged about mistakes in restaurants. I said then that it wasn’t yet automatic for me to remember to eat less, that I still had to be very conscious of what I was doing, or the opportunity to over eat would still be there. One of my commenters noted that she didn’t think it would ever become “automatic” to eat less, that there would always be a decision to be made. I think she is right in that I will likely always need to be very intentional with my eating. I did notice this week, though, that when I am out it is becoming more of my routine to think about what I will eat, and even to think about what I have already eaten in previous meals, and what may be coming up late. I believe that having a plan for food that goes beyond just what is directly in front of me is a habit that I have fallen into that will continue.

I had to take a suit to the tailor this week. It is a suit that I bought two years ago. Since then I gained, then lost weight. I last wore it to a wedding in October 2013, and while it wasn’t uncomfortable on me, it was clearly more snug than when I originally bought it. When I stepped out of the fitting room with the pants on, I had to be sure to keep a hand on them to make sure they didn’t slip down. I don’t think they’d have gone to the floor, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Later in the week I wore a pair of more dressy work-pants. They were bought last summer, and I had a hard time keeping them up high enough not to drag on the ground. While that was annoying, it was also a very rewarding feeling.

This week I need to buy a new belt. I am on the last hole (in a good way), of my current belt, and I am starting to fear that it will soon be insufficient to keep me from looking like a fool with my pants on the ground.


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