A perfect game in bowling?

A movie about an epic battle in 400 B.C.?

An all-star batting average in Major League Baseball?

A full size car manufactured by Chrysler?

Nope! It is none of those.

300.0 is my weigh-in number for today! At the end of week 14 on my journey to better health, I tipped the scale at 300.0. That represents a nice, round 45 pounds lost, or 13% of my original weight. For the week I was down 2.6 pounds.

This past week included a camping trip, hiking around lighthouses, and one trip to the gym. I stayed on my Weight Watchers Points+ every day, drank my water, and incorporated extra walking into just about every activity.

I am really starting to feel great. When we were out on our first camping trip of the season, I remarked to my wife that it felt great to be able to hike around with her without need of extra breaks, and without getting totally winded. I credit that to not only my weight loss, but also the extra walking (with stairs) at work, and all those hours on the treadmill at the gym.

I am two weeks away from my next visit to the doctor. My goal for the last month or so has been to be down a total of 50 pounds when I see her. I started this journey the day after my last doctor visit. I think that 5 pounds in two weeks is attainable, as my running average is still 2.6 pounds per week.

So, all of that is the good news, and I am definitely happy with the results. But, the reality is that I still do weigh 300 pounds, so it isn’t really time to strike up the band and assemble the parade. I still have a really long way to go. I am encouraged by the results, and I am feeling very good about the choices I am making and the feeling I get when I eat well and exercise.

For the week ahead I want to make 3 visits to the gym, and get more stairs climbed at work. Although I had success in recent weeks, those two things have been somewhat lacking. I don’t want to slip back to old habits.


  1. Congratulations Bobby! Great job! I love your attitude and the fact that your are setting small, attainable goals. Don’t ever let yourself get overwhelmed by that “300″ number. Just focus on those small increments. You WILL get there…trust me. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kassie. I see this not as just a short-term weight loss program. I see it as changing my lifestyle permanently to be more healthy. I appreciate the encouragement and I know thay, with every healthy decision make I move one step closer to the long term goal.

      Thank you for being a reader of my blog.

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