Others are noticing…

The other day I wrote about things I have noticed with my weight loss in my Goodbye Charcoal, Hello Walmart post. Today I want to write about something that is almost as much fun…someone else noticing.

This morning I put on a purple dress shirt for work. I have had this shirt for a few years, and I wore it on occasion even when I was at my maximum weight. Today it fit much better, even a bit too baggy. Soon it will need to be replaced with a shirt that is smaller in size.

I stopped at my favorite coffee shop on the way in for my usual 24 oz refill. The barrista is one that I have seen many times before, but not in the last few weeks. While she was taking my money she commented that she really liked the color of my shirt. That felt nice. I said thank you and was on my way.

Shortly after arriving in the office, a co-worker, who knows about my weight loss, asked if I had been buying a lot of new clothes. She has definitely seen me in this shirt before, but to her it looked new. I told her that other than a few essentials, I hadn’t started replacing my wardrobe.

Here were two people – one who is not aware of my program, and one who is – that noticed something different about me today. Both focused on the shirt, either thinking it was a great color, or that it looked new. But we know the shirt is one I wear every couple of weeks. The difference is me.

They might not have been conscious of it, but they were noticing that I look different now than I have in the past. I have to say, that feels really good.

I still have a long way to go to get to my ultimate goal, but I will confess that having people notice, without specifically knowing that they are noticing my weight, was a good motivator today. At lunch I had a nice salad with some grilled chicken. I avoided any snacking at work, even when a sales representative dropped off a cookie. I made sure to get all my water for the work day, and I took a nice walk after eating lunch. All because a couple of people made fairly innocuous comments.

We have a lot of power in our words. Sometimes we are reluctant to mention things about the way a co-worker looks because it isn’t always acceptable in the work place. But, when someone does break through that fear, it can make the other person feel really good.

I encourage you, if you see someone has made a change to their appearance, to tell them. Do it in a non-creepy, encouraging way. It will definitely make their day, and probably help them stay on the course for whatever change they are making.


  1. I had such a good chuckle at you saying: ‘do it in a non-creepy way’. Good advice. ha ha

    Love this. Especially with women, I find we won’t compliment each other on successes, a nice hairstyle, weight loss. I have experienced this as I lose weight….no comments. After we have gone home the next morning I may get a text saying: oh I thought you looked great last night. Then I wonder, why could you not say it to me last night to my face?

    It takes nothing to be kind and encourage each other. I try to be encouraging to people now, you never know the power that a few kind words could have.

    I am sure that was such a nice feeling, the encouragement and the acknowledgment (even if they didn’t realise) of all your hard work;) Keep it up! Great post.


    1. I am hyper vigilant to not being creepy. that said I do try to notice when someone is making an effort and let them know. I want them to experience that great feeling I had yesterday


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