Week 17 weigh-in

OK, today I am amazed.

This past week I did not get to the gym to work out. I walked some extra laps at work, and did some extra stairs when I could, but I wouldn’t consider that a substitute for a good, hard work out. Last weekend we camped, so we were active. One day we did take a 30 minute walk, but that was cut short because we had things to do, and we didn’t walk on the second morning.

I stayed true to my Weight Watchers points, not exceeding on any day. I limited my snacks to fruits and vegetables, and I ate fish for dinner twice. I wasn’t expecting a big number for weight loss this week. I was thinking I would lose somewhere between 1 and 2 pounds.

Imagine my surprise when this morning I tipped the scale at 289.8 pounds. That is a whopping 4.4 pound loss from last week. I have now lost 16% of my original body weight. This week’s drop is the highest for a single week since way back on April 4th.

I am very pleased this morning indeed.

The next two weeks are going to be tricky. We have out of town guests this weekend, and a big picnic planned for tomorrow. On Tuesday we leave for a week long, multi-family vacation in Northern Michigan. That vacation usually features some pretty amazing food, way too much beer at the campfire, and reduced activity.

I plan to attack the trip very differently. I have the following 4 point plan to make sure that when I weigh in at the end of week 19, I weigh less than I do today:

  1. One plate of food per meal. This seems obvious, but with all the amazing food on this trip, the temptation for seconds will be great
  2. Walk to Thirsty’s at least once every day. Thirsty’s is a really fun party store that is located almost exactly 1 mile from where we are staying. Making that round trip at least 1 time per day will get me a good 40 minutes of hard walking
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. During the day, and during the evenings at the campfire, I will be drinking plenty of water. It promises to be a hot week, and beer will sometimes dehydrate me, so I will be making sure to stay on track with water
  4. Limiting the beer. I will still enjoy the campfires, the conversations, the late night philosophy, and the rest. I will just do it with a smaller number of cans of beer for the evening.

Next Friday we will be away on my weigh-in day, so the next “official” time that I update the progress chart will be two weeks from today.

Feeling very good today, looking forward to a fun vacation!


  1. Congratulations Bobby! There’s nothing better than a loss bigger than what you were expecting. Kudos to you for staying on plan with your eating even when you weren’t able to fit in your regular workouts. I’m glad to hear you are going on vacation with a plan of attack and that will certainly make you successful! Have fun!!!


  2. Wow 4.4 pounds is AMAZING!! Well done! I love that…expecting a smaller number and being surprised at your results.

    Sounds like you will come back and lose more weight if you stick to your plan;) Can’t wait to hear your results!! Enjoy the trip!


    1. I am a big believer in setting my short term goals conservatively, then reaching for some surprise and delight.

      My next official weigh in will be on July 11. I am confide t it will be good news


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