The “good” mirror at work

In my building there are about 16 men’s rooms. It breaks down to four in each wing, on each of two floors. There is one that has a mirror I really like. I call it “the good mirror”.

Even before I started my journey, I would sometimes go out of my way to use that particular bathroom. It is actually the one that is right outside the cafeteria and next to the convenience store, so it isn’t like I had to go very far out of my way. Why is it the good mirror you ask? Well, let me put it to you this way. Have you ever been to a fun house where they have the goofy, warped mirrors? If you have, then you will remember the one that is warped just right to make you look tall and thin. That is the mirror in this particular men’s room.

I was telling my wife about this earlier today, and she said I HAD to write about it. I said that I’d like to figure out a way to get a pic of myself in it, but the thought of being caught photographing myself in the men’s room at work, no matter how innocent it may be, horrifies me. So you will all just have to indulge in the theater of the mind.

I have not been a fan of mirrors for the past few years. Honestly, when I’d look straight into them it wasn’t so bad. I never really thought my hips were that big. My belly? Yes. My rear? Hell yes. But from the front straight on it wasn’t so bad. The problem is that those side views are hard to avoid, and very telling.

Many were the days that I would be in one of the bathrooms and would catch that side view. The self-loathing would creep in, and it would set me off on a bad day. Never enough to do anything about it, mind you, but a bad day nonetheless.

Then there was THAT mirror. I think it is just an aberration, and probably just a coincidence that it is right between the convenience store that is chock full of snacks, and the cafeteria with all the yummy pizza and wraps. Intentional or not, when I would use that men’s room to wash my hands before lunch, I would always feel just a little better about myself. Then I would go demolish as many calories as I could stand.

These days when I look in that mirror I see a difference. My ass and belly aren’t as out there anymore. The “good mirror” still has that effect of making me feel just a little better. But, the good news is that ALL of the mirrors seem a bit more friendly these days.

My weigh in is tomorrow, it will be the first in two weeks because of my vacation. I am feeling good about it and optimistic for a good number. But regardless of what that single number may be, I know that I am making a difference for myself. It shows in my clothes, it shows in my fitness, and it shows in all those mirrors.



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