Week 19 weigh-in

Last week I was on vacation on my weigh-in day, so I decided to just wait until today and do a two week update. This morning I stepped on the scale and came in at 285.6 pounds. That is a 4.2 pound loss from two weeks ago!

I am very happy with this. Despite being on vacation, surrounded by amazing dishes at dinner, mountains of snack foods, and coolers full of beer, I managed to lost weight. And this week I didn’t do anything exceptional. Due to late meetings at work I didn’t get to the gym. I did stay on points for all of the last 14 days, to which I attribute this success.

In total I have lost 59.4 pounds, or 17.2% of my original weight.

For the coming week my biggest objective is to get back to the gym! It has been a full month since I was last there. I will probably have to use the GPS in my car to help me find the place for crying out loud. I want to get back in that routine of 3X per week.

My second objective is to climb more stairs at work. This is another area where I have become lax. I was climbing 20 or more floors per day at my peak, and it has dropped off. I stopped using my fitbit in favor of my phone and Basis watch for tracking. Neither of those measures floors climbed, so I will either have to start using the fitbit again, or keeping track manually. The reason this is important is that when I am walking more, and climbing more stairs my joints don’t hurt so much.

Later today, and all day tomorrow and Sunday, I am going to a street art fair. I am continuing in my role as their photographer. In that role I walk the show continuously looking for interesting pictures that can be used on their website, in their promotions and the like. I am sure that I will be walking well over 15,000 steps per day for the next 3.

Monday after work it will be back to the gym for me. I have a late meeting that ends at 4:30pm, but that won’t stop me from getting to the gym. I am committing myself to it, and saying it here publicly. If I don’t go to the gym on Monday, there will be people from the four corners of the earth who will hold me accountable!

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