Yep! It was still there.

When I did my weigh-in post last week I said that this week I would get back to the gym. I committed to getting there on Monday, and joked that I might need to use my car’s GPS to find it.

Well, I am here to report that, in fact, my gym is still open for business. In the month since I last walked through the door they somehow managed to keep the enterprise afloat. And the good news is I only got lost 3 times between my house and the gym. Ironically, one business that didn’t make it in that neighborhood is the ice cream store that’s about 200 feet up the road. It’s unclear whether my absence from there this summer contributed to its demise.

I did miss my commitment by one day, but with what I consider to be a solid reason. This past weekend I was the photographer for a local art fair – Plymouth Art in the Park. I was on site all 3 days walking the show and taking over 1,200 pictures. According to the fitness app on my phone, I walked a total of 27 miles in 3 days. When I left work on Monday, I was quite sore and tired. I gave myself permission to take a night off, and get some much-needed sleep.

So, on Tuesday I went to the gym. Since I was last there they re-carpeted the floor where the machines are. My wife asked if it looked different, and I told her it looked exactly like it did before but with newer carpeting. Nothing else had changed.

For this workout I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike, and 30 minutes walking on the treadmill. I kept the same resistance level, speed and incline as I was using when last I was there. After the hour I felt great!

Tonight I had meetings at work that went late, so I will next go to the gym tomorrow. I tried to make up for it today by taking an extra lap around my building.

One thing I noticed in my return to the gym was that I really did miss it.not just because of the exercise, but because I missed taking that time out of my day to be surrounded by other fitness-minded people.

When I first started this journey I was fearful of my trips to the gym. I was worried that people would look at me and judge me. These days my confidence level is up. Whether people are looking and judging I can’t really say, but I can say that I don’t care. I am there for me, just like everyone else is there for themselves.

That’s it, just a mid-week report on my commitment to get to the gym!

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