An inspiring story, and thoughts on the blog community

A close friend of mine recently sent me a link to a story about a remarkable man that lives just a few miles from me.

Brian Flemming‘s story is quite remarkable. At the urging of a friend he met on line he was inspired to lose 400 pounds. Let that number sink in for a moment… FOUR HUNDRED pounds. And he did it between August of 2012 and March of 2014, a mere 20 months. The link in this paragraph is to his blog, and at the end of this post I have links to a few news articles. If you are on Facebook you can search for his group called “My 383lb Weight Loss Story.” And here is his before/after picture from his blog:


Brian Flemming before and after pic. He has lost 400 pounds

The part of his story that stood out for me was the role that an online friend, a random person he met while playing a game, had on his life. While searching for a random opponent to play a game called “Draw Something”, he met a woman in London. They became friends and eventually she was able to encourage him to beat his alcoholism, and to lose weight.

The story of their relationship made me think of the people I have “met” through my blog. I have said many times that when I post my weekly weigh-in, or talk about some success or failure along the way, I am accountable to people in the four corners of the earth. Since starting this blog in March I have gained a modest following. I am not going to be replacing the Huffington Post anytime soon, but there are some people who read my blog that I have never met. And, I follow their blogs as well. We give each others support and encouragement along the way. They aren’t a substitute for my amazing family and friend by any means. What they are is a supplement. We have, within the realm of the blog world, formed a circle of like-minded people all striving toward the same goal.

I used to use my lunch time, or other breaks to read the news, or to catch up on sports. These days I use that time to go to my reader and see what has been posted. Sometimes I read a story that makes me want to cheer and send a virtual high-five across the net. Other times I want to send a virtual hug. Still other times I want to offer words of encouragement. And I look forward to the comments and replies I get on my blog.

When I did my Weight Watchers back in 2000, the idea of doing things on line was very new. Basically I was just sent some material in the mail, and I would call on the phone with updates and questions. I  was successful because of my support network, but I didn’t have the accountability of the weekly meetings. This time around the online tools are far superior. I can get help from Weight Watchers if I need it, there is a good database of foods to help me track, and even a bar code ready to help me instantly evaluate some foods.

I still don’t go to meetings, and likely never will. Instead I have a virtual meeting I can attend at anytime of the day or night.

So, thank you to all of you who read my blog, offer encouragement, and help hold me accountable. You are a part of my ongoing journey to better health!

Articles about Brian Flemming:




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