Week 20 Weigh-in

Good morning everyone! I hope your Friday is off to a good start. I know that mine most definitely is!

This morning I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 282 pounds. That is a 3.2 pound drop from last week. To date I have lost 63 pounds or 18.3% of my body weight. I am quite happy today.

This week I did get back to the gym, but only once. A series of late meetings at work, and exhaustion from last weekend limited my visits. Yes, I know those are excuses, and I continue to challenge myself to do more at the gym.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent last weekend photographing a street art fair. Over the course of those 3 days, according to the app on my phone, I walked a total of 27 miles. Even though I didn’t get to the gym, my legs still got quite a workout. At work I took at least two laps outside (.7 miles each), every day, and walked the stairs whenever I could. For the week I tracked my food daily, and didn’t exceed my allotment.

One other highlight of my week is that I went shopping for clothes. The pants I was wearing at the start of this journey were looking quite ridiculous on me. To keep them off the floor I had to cinch them up with a belt, and the material was quite gathered in the back. On Tuesday my wife and I went to J.C. Penney, and I was able to find two pair of pants. They were size 48 in the waist. Previously I was wearing size 56. I don’t track inches, but according to my clothes my waist is 8 inches smaller. We also found 4 dress shirts for me.

In addition to the smaller sizes of the clothes, the other remarkable thing was that I was able to shop at a regular department store. I didn’t have to go to a specialty shop, and I didn’t have to shop on line. I was REALLY happy when we got home with my new haul. I even bought a pair of khaki colored pants, a color that my giant ass would never have been seen in back in February!

In this week coming I will be going to camp at a NASCAR race in Ohio. My sons, another friend and I are excited about the opportunity. On Sunday we will be shopping for the trip, and I plan to have some fun, and still stay within my points. The camping area for the race is essentially a huge, open field. I plan to walk that field daily when we aren’t at the track. This will also be a good opportunity for some comparison pictures, so look forward to that in the coming week.

Because of the 3 days I will be out of town, it will be harder to get 3 gym workouts. At best I will only have time for 2 most likely.

How did you do this week?


    1. Thank you! I think they will. Especially the pants. I actually look good in them! I can get by with shirts that are a bit over sized, I actually prefer a bit of bagginess. But the pants are a big plus.

      thanks again!

      I told my wife this morning that I want her to snap some during pics this week. Stay tuned


  1. Holy cow, Bob! You are kicking some butt and taking names! 63 pounds is amazing!!! And 8 inches off the waist. You’ve likely saved years off your life. Great job taking control of your health.

    I hope you have fun w/ your kids at the race this week! I’m not a big racing fan but racing is huge in Indiana. Enjoy making memories!


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