Hopes and fears on my weight loss journey…

Recently I saw a blog post where a person talked about some of their hopes and fears about being on the weight loss journey. It made me think about my hopes and fears now that I am 20 weeks and 63 pounds into this journey.



  • Increasing my life expectancy.
  • Increasing my confidence and not thinking of myself as a “fat guy”
  • Truly LIVING my life as an active 50+, rather than just existing and struggling through the day
  • Changing who I am from the lovable fat guy, to the even more lovable thin guy
  • Not breaking so much furniture
  • Not having to shop at specialty stores for just about everything, including camp chairs
  • Being able to go to Cedar Point (an amusement park), and actually fitting in the damn roller coasters. Not like the last time I went and I couldn’t pull down the safety bar and had to suffer the embarrassment of climbing out and leaving.
  • Riding on an airplane without having to ask the Flight Attendant for a seat belt extender. And also being able to fly without the person next to me dreading my inevitable incursion into their space.



  • Gaining it back. I have lost 63 pounds so far. But I have lost more in the past. My fear is that 5 or 10 years from now I will be writing about how I lost, then gained weight.. AGAIN.
  • Losing my mojo. I am on an incredible run right now. I have lost weight nearly every one of the 20 weeks to date (95% of them to be exact). I worry that I will lose the edge at some point, and that I won’t know how to get it back. I am not talking about a 1 week blip, those happen. I am talking about a plateau, or worse, an upward trend.
  • Dealing with a setback in my life. My life has been going very well lately. I know that, inevitably, something will come along to disrupt things. When it does, how will I handle it and still stay the course on my journey to better health?
  • Changing who I am. I have met people who have increased their fitness and have seen them change. They seem to become less tolerant of people who aren’t on their particular kick, or whose body type doesn’t match theirs. I don’t want to be that guy. I have someone in my life who I have asked to kick my ass if she sees me becoming that. I think I will add a few more to make sure it doesn’t get missed.
  • Learning how to live thin. I know how to live as a fat person. And I am quickly learning how to live as a person who is losing weight. But, will I be able to learn how to maintain and live as a thin person. What will happen to me when the accolades about weight loss go away because I am at my goal?
  • Skin. Lots and lots of excess skin.


I am sure I will think of more of both my hopes and fears, but these are the ones on my mind now.


  1. This is a great list. We share a lot of the same ones. One of my biggest fears is your #1 fear, gaining the weight back after I have lost it all. There isn’t that big of a calorie difference between losing and maintaining once you get close to goal. I’m afraid I’m going to revert back to old behaviors. I guess that’s why it’s important to think of this as a journey, not a diet.

    At 20 weeks, you’ve made this a habit:-)


  2. Great post… You identified a lot of great hopes and fears. I regained some weight after losing, because I started to eat like I was a naturally thin person, which I am not. Being aware of the possible pitfalls, will likely set you up for the best success! Good luck!


  3. Honestly, having a healthy lifestyle is hard. You have to wake up each morning and continue to choose to do it. Eating the right thing, exercising, staying on track. It involves a constant battle of wills for the rest of your life. BUT is completely worth it!! There will always be the fear of gaining the weight back, and you might, but my motto is just keep trying! All you can do is TRY and if you continue to give it your best everyday, that is all you can ask of yourself. — The rest will work itself out 🙂 Good luck, you are doing great!!!


  4. I think we all have hopes and fears of being fat and losing the weight. There are some definite fears that I have that you have outlined.


  5. I love your hopes. I hate your fears. There are fears there I hadn’t thought of yet. What’s that phrase–forewarned is forearmed? Your post has hopefully made me aware enough to avoid some of those pitfalls once I reach my goal.


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