What would you do for a friend?


I saw the pic above on reddit.com the other night. I suspect that it is not real, as is the case with many things on reddit, but let’s go with it for a moment.

Many of us fear that trip to the gym because we worry that someone is watching. I wrote about that fear at the beginning of my journey. Since then I have mostly gotten over it, but it isn’t completely gone.

We all have fears in life, and some of them keep us from doing the things we need to do, not just those that we want to do.

Here is my question. What would you do to help a friend get over a fear?

If there is anyone reading this post within a 100 mile radius of me that wants me to go to the gym with him or her and distract people, I am game!


  1. LOL…. I think this would maybe have the opposite effect though and people would now actually be staring at the overweight friend.

    I have that fear, which is why I train with a trainer in her own studio. Going to the gym as an obese person for me, was mortifying. The gym personal trainer would stand me up and not even acknowledge me when he next saw me. I just felt like a huge embarrassment. I am happier where I am, but I do think most of it is in our head (gym trainer a$$hole aside). I don;’t think everybody has time to look at me and my fat thighs or stomach….some idiots probably do and they judge, but I am sure maybe some people find the fattie inspiring.

    That being said…would totally love to see you dress up and do the selfies…ha ha


  2. I’ve had a fear of going into the weight section, especially the free weights area where the really buff people hang out. I’ve been working on that by forcing myself to do a free weights program. i HAVE to go into that section now, and it’s actually not so bad. I used to feel like I didn’t belong cause I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I just think, I paid my dues so I have a right to be here even if I’m doing it wrong. No one seems to pay attention to me though. It was all in my head. When I think about it, I don’t really “notice” people at the gym either unless they’re using what I need to use or being obnoxious. That being said, that is one awesome friend, but I agree with Fattie no More, it doesn’t help much if he stands right next to his friend.


  3. Wow, that is a good friend! I would rather have someone go with me and show me what to do correctly. The scary part about going is not knowing how to use the equipment correctly and people who are impatient to use it and aren’t patient with you during your learning process.

    For one of my buds, sure! That’s what friend do!


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