Week 21 – A little baffled, but still feeling good

Yesterday I broke one of the cardinal rules of weight loss (at least for myself), when I stepped on the scale ahead of my weigh-in. I did so after my mid-week trip and noticed I was down from last week. I was feeling quite optimistic. This morning, at the official weigh-in time the scale told a different story. This morning I weighed in at 282.0, which is exactly my weight from last Friday.

At first blush I am a bit baffled. I don’t know how I could stay level through the week, and even up-tic from yesterday, given how diligent I have been. But as I sit here and think I am realizing that there is probably something else at play.

Putting it delicately, there are certain human functions that work best when I am on the home turf. Being at a campground that had porta-potties disrupts that rhythm, no matter how many trips I might make to Walmart. I suspect that there will be some “catching up” going on over the next day or so, and then the scale will tell a different story.

Despite all that I am still feeling good. On this trip a year ago I dreaded the walk from the camper to the track. This year I actually looked forward to it, and enjoyed it. I didn’t follow-through with my plan to take long walks on a daily basis, but I did still keep up my activity level. All in all it was a great week, and I am happy with all the results.

Even if this trip to the scale is accurate, and I really did hold station for a week, it was still a very good week. The time I spent with my sons, and the great time we had together at the race far outweighs the importance of a single week’s weigh-in. Sometimes I worry that I, and others who are working through our weight loss journey can lose site of what’s happening around us. It is easy to focus on the weight loss, and staying on points and in the process lose out on enjoying life. If I can’t lose weight, AND enjoy my life, then why would I be doing this?

This morning I refuse to be down about my weigh-in. Maintenance is a good thing, and that’s what I did this week. The coming week will have me back in my normal routines, and the weight loss train can get out of the station again.


  1. You make a good point: we can’t be so single mindedly focused on weight loss that we miss out on life around us. You did great to maintain while vacationing, and I’m sure your next weigh-in will have us all proud of you. You’ll make up for it.


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