A fun progress picture


As of last Friday’s weigh-in, I am down 63 pounds. This is a picture of me with my friend’s daughter, Tori getting a piggy back ride. She weighs 63 pounds. Back in February, I was carrying the equivalent of her around with me 24 hours a day.



  1. What an awesome comparison tool, Bobby!!! Can you believe you used to put your body through that 24/7? I recently took a liter of water on a 5-mile walk and was more worn out from carrying the bottle than the walk itself. Turns out, that bottle of water itself weighed over 2 pounds… made me reflect on what it was like for my body to carry around the excess weigh.


    1. I am amazed at how active I was carrying that weight around. I feel great now, and I still have 2 more of her to lose. I can’t father how great I will feel then


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