Week 22 Weigh-in and a longer range look back

This morning I weighed-in at 278.2. That is a 3.8 pound loss from last week. My total weight loss to date is 66.8 pounds or 19.4% of my original weight.

This past week we had a going away party for my son, which meant a bit of extra calories. I stayed on points for that day, but a substantial number of those points were from the light beer I drank. Other than that I kept to my normal eating routines. I also made two trips to the gym, and bought new shoes to help cure / prevent the blister problem I have been having.

Today I start the 100 in 31 challenge. I plan to walk 100 miles in the month of August. You up for the challenge? Come join me!

A while back I posted a chart that showed my long-term weight statistics. At that time I only went back to May 2000. Since then I have gathered more data from my previous doctor, and have added in more data points from my current doctor. Pictured here is a chart that shows my weight trends since June 1997

long range 2

Today I cracked through the 280 pound mark. By this chart I haven’t weighed this little since July 2004. That is a complete decade ago. At that time the chart shows I was on an upward trend, after having tried to lose some weight. Today I am meeting that same weight on the way down.

I created this chart to keep me accountable. On my progress chart page I only show the progress from this particular attempt to lose weight, and the news is all good. But with this one I can see that I have been here before a couple of times since 1997. I have been here on the way up, and on the way down in the past. Keeping this kind of chart handy reminds me that what I am doing right now is still only a short term thing. For it to be a lifestyle change, and a long-term success, I will have to remain diligent for the rest of my life. Sobering thought.


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