100 miles in 31 day walking challenge – day 3

My wife and I once again started our day with a good, 4.5 mile walk. We took a different path through the neighborhood this time, avoiding the areas that have high traffic and no sidewalks. When we got back we had a yummy breakfast of chorizo and eggs. She made omelets where she had 2 eggs that were whole and 2 that were egg whites. Chorizo does pack a bit of points, but with the save on the eggs, it ended up being a great breakfast.

We had plenty of other things to do the rest of the day, so we never did get back for a second walk. Here are my totals through 3 days:


100 in 31 day 3

I actually did walk a few extra houses to make sure I got to a full 4.50 miles on RunKeeper. Through 3 days, I am averaging that 4.5 miles, and am on pace to walk 139.5. I won’t be able to keep that pace with my work schedule, but I do plan to walk at least 3 intentional miles every day.

How are you doing on the challenge?

One comment

  1. For those of you following me on the challenge, I want you to know I found an error in my Excel-based tracker. The totals are right, but the formula for the average needed to complete is off. I will fix it before my next progress update.

    My average needed as of this mor ING is 3.08 miles per day. Not 2.98


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