Week 23 Weigh-in

Good morning everyone! Where I live it is slightly overcast, but the forecast is for a fine day. Can you tell I am in a good mood? That’s because I AM ON VACATION! I don’t have to be back at work for over a week, and I am just thrilled.

Adding to my excitement and happiness today is my weigh-in. This morning I tipped the scale at 274.6 pounds! Since starting this journey I have lost a total of 70.4 pounds, and I have crashed through the 20% barrier! You can see my updated progress chart here.

At the start of this journey I never would have expected to be down this much this fast. I knew that I would lose weight, but the idea of weighing less than 274 pounds this summer was a dream at best.

This past week I stuck to my points every day, and I walked over 30 miles as part of my challenge to walk 100 miles in August. At this time last year I was very nearly at my start weight for this journey. I was hovering between 340 and 345. I cannot wait to see what a difference this 70 pounds, combined with the better muscle tone will make on this trip. We are planning hikes for several of the days, and walks around the campground on the others.

I won’t be near my scale for my regular week 24 weigh-in, so the next official time I stand on the scale will be in two weeks. Could I be below 270?


  1. I’m so happy for you Bobby, you’ve come so far and it’s amazing to see your progress. Well done, you deserve all the happiness this journey has brought so far and then some! 🙂


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