Week 25 weigh-in, walking update and a fun progress picture

Good morning all! Today is Friday, and that means it’s time for my weekly weigh-in. This morning the tale of the scale said I weighed in at 270.4. That is a 4.2 pound loss over the past two weeks.

Last week I didn’t get to weigh in because we were on vacation. During that vacation we hiked over 38 miles, I stayed on my Weight Watchers points, and felt great about my choices. I even indulged one dessert along the way. All in all, it was a successful vacation.

Yesterday I got back into the swing of things with walking for the 100 mile challenge. I had done something to my hip on Tuesday and it slowed my walking for Wednesday, when I only got in a 2.06 mile walk. Yesterday I felt great and totaled up to a 4.87 mile day.

100 in 31 day 21

Through 21 days I have walked over 85 miles.

While we were on vacation we had dinner at Legs Inn in Cross Village, Michigan. Last year when we were there I was in a playful mood and my wife took a picture of me with a carved bear in the lobby. This year I thought it would be fun to take another picture with the bear for comparison. Here is my fun progress picture:

progress pic

This is a dramatic change, and I can really see it. One detail to note. In 2013 I was wearing knee braces because my knees hurt so much. On that trip I avoided most walking and hikes. This year there were no knee braces, and as I said above, over 38 miles of hiking. Not too shabby


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