100 Mile walking challenge – final thoughts for August

Good morning. To those of you in the US, I hope that this is a safe and happy Labor Day for you all. Yesterday marked the last day of the 100 miles in 31 day challenge. I wanted to post my final chart for the month, and reflect on a few interesting notes and statistics.

100 in 31 - final

For the month I ended up walking 117.04 miles As you can see, in the final days of the month my totals dropped off some. On the 31st I went for a 4 mile walk with my wife to help her reach the 100 mile mark as well, and she did!

Here are some other interesting notes and observations (well, interesting to me anyway):

  • I peeked at the scale today (a non weigh-in day), and am at 268. That means that in the month of August I lost 10.2 pounds
  • For one of our walks, my wife and I hiked the entire length of a Michigan State route when we hiked around Mackinac Island
  • That trip around Mackinac Island was also my greatest one-day total at 8.25
  • While on that same vacation, we walked 38.26 miles including a hike to Chapel Rock and beach in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • I took intentional walks on 26 of the 31 days. Had I walked on those days at the same average pace as the rest of the month, I’d have added another 18.8 miles
  • I ended up with only one blister, and it came on August 31. I bought some new socks for casual wear, and wondered if they would also be good for walking. They aren’t.

My wife and I were walking inside Target the other night to buy those socks. We’d been working around the house all day, and had just gone to the movies. I was a bit tired. While we were in the store I talked to her about how effortless walking is for me now. I used to dread walking anywhere that was unnecessary, but since starting down this journey to better health I have been walking more. In August I stepped that up greatly. Now walking is not something I dread, but something I look forward to.

Going forward I plan to continue taking walks every day, and tracking them on my phone.

To all of you who joined in the challenge, congratulations. Whatever level you reached in the month represents success.

Onward to the September Affirmation Challenge!

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