Affirmation Challenge – Day 1

Before I start I want to just say that publishing the affirmations I write to myself is a bit awkward. I was raised on the idea that “self praise stinks”, and so it is hard for me to write the affirmations, let alone publish them (hence why it is a challenge!). I do want to follow on the commitment to write mine down every day, and today is no exception. As I said in the original post on this challenge, I may not publish them all. And, if you are along for the challenge you may not either, but I will publish some as a way to set the example.


“I tend to spark the flame of enthusiasm in people.”

I am taking this one from a fortune cookie that I opened back in July. I do spark enthusiasm in the people around me. I have a natural gift for rallying people up, and getting them excited to join in. Whether it is at work, at home, or in my years of volunteer work, I have always been one that could appeal to that “God within” everyone and stoke their fire of enthusiasm.


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