Affirmation Challenge – 3 days worth

I have been writing my affirmations on a 3″x5″ card every day so far, but I haven’t published them all here. For those interested, here are the last 3 that I wrote, with a brief description for each.

September 5 – I am a sensitive person. I show my emotions freely and sometimes even cry at sad movies.

The fact is that I am sometimes just a ball of emotion. I do cry at sad movies, even if I elect to hide that fact from those around me. My sensitivity isn’t limited to movies though. I am usually very aware of the moods and feelings of those around me as well.

September 6 – I am observant. I notice important and subtle details and can recall them when the time is right.

At some point this month I will write about my memory. One of the things about me that I really like is that I do pick up on details. I see things that others may miss, and I store them away. This is a strength of mine for many things, most importantly with relationships

September 7 – What I lack in patience I make up for in tenacity.

I wrote this one at the end of the day yesterday. At breakfast this morning it was a topic of conversation between my wife and I. Her basic take was that it is absolutely true, but she wondered if it weren’t too much of a back handed compliment. A back handed compliment is one that has an insult built in. She asked me if I would be disappointed to read someone else writing this about themselves. Here is my take. I think that tenacity is a supreme compliment to me. I don’t give up easily.

Case in point. Yesterday we were working on a home improvement project to remodel our bedroom. I am not at all a handy person, so anything that has to do with home improvement is outside my comfort zone. There were plenty of times yesterday from the seemingly endless visit to Home Depot, to the 30 minute problem of unsticking a hole saw from the jog where my patience was tested. And when I say my patience was tested, that is a euphemism for my completely being without any patience. And, if this weren’t an affirmation challenge the story would end there.

But, here is the thing. I refused to give up. The fact is that I don’t give up easily, if ever. Just because I was outside my comfort zone, and just because my stomach acids were churning, never was it an option to give up. I stuck with all of the tasks in the project that were holding me up until I was able to find my way through them. And THAT is what I mean when I say I am tenacious. I don’t quit.


So, those are the affirmations for the last few days. For those of you following along on this challenge, how are you doing? Have you been writing an affirmation for yourself daily? Have you needed to phone a friend? Remember, this is about us being just a little selfish, and reminding ourselves that we are special, we are important, we are valued, and we are good. This all is about balance. Even on those days or weeks when the scale doesn’t tell the tale, I will still be a lovable person. For me to continue and be successful on the Journey toward better health, I must be healthy in all aspects of my life.



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