Affirmation Challenge – Day 10

Hello all. As I wrote yesterday, I have been struggling with the idea of affirming myself these past few days. Yesterday morning I made the commitment to find my affirmation for the 10th day, and to report it back here.

I turned it over in my mind yesterday whenever I had a break from the hectic meetings I was part of. Throughout the day I was knocking things off the list to do for my project, moving the needle forward, and in between thinking about what I could write for myself.

When I got home I immediately changed into my painting clothes and started working on our bedroom project. I worked on the cut in around all the walls, windows and doors. When I stopped for a dinner break I was thinking about what I could write for my affirmation. After dinner my wife and I got back to work in the room and not only finished the cut-in, but also got the walls rolled with their first coat of paint. As we were cleaning up from that I was thinking about what I could write about an affirmation for myself.

When we were finally going to bed last night, it was still on my mind. Then it hit me.

I get things done. When there is something difficult to do, I find a way to make it happen.

My project at work isn’t complete, and there will be quite a lot of long meetings coming in the next couple of months, but I will get it done. Our bedroom project is coming along, and there are still quite a lot of steps to finish before we can move back in to the freshly-remodeled room, but we will get it done. That’s what I am affirming in myself today. When something needs to get done, I find a way to do it.


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