Week 29 weigh-in and an update on the Affirmation Challenge

Today is the last Friday of the Summer. This weekend the season officially changes to Autumn. Even if I didn’t have a calendar, my sinuses would tell me the story of the season change. It’s a camping weekend for me, so I am excited to get out and enjoy the outdoors!

This morning my weight was 260.8 pounds. That is down 3.6 pounds for the week. My total weight loss is now 84.2 pounds or 24.4% of my starting weight. I am now just 2 pounds away from the 25% mark in weight loss.

This past week I didn’t get to work out, and my walking was minimal. My project at work had me starting before 6:00am, and working until 5:00pm almost every day. At the end of the work day I was exhausted and used what little energy I had left on our home improvement project. This week may be more of the same, so I will have to find a way to schedule walks and gym visits.

I did stay within my points all week! I even remarked to my wife last night that I ended dinner still feeling slightly hungry, which made me feel really great. This is a big victory for me. With all the stress at work, and the long hours, my previous pattern would have been to have fast food for lunch. I have avoided that throughout and opted for salads on most days.

On the Daily Affirmation front, I have kept up with the challenge. I’ve written myself an affirmation for each of the first 18 days of the month. I will share yesterday’s with you.

I lead by example. Those who work in my group know that I won’t ask them to do anything I won’t do myself.

This came to mind yesterday. I had a half day of vacation scheduled and meetings were spilling into my time. I had things I needed to get done both at work and at home, so I was feeling the pressure mount. I asked him if he wanted me to cancel my vacation day. Instead of just answering, he weaseled with his words saying things like “I know you’ll make the right decision”. For who? For me it is to go on vacation and get things done at home. For him it would be for me to stay. We went around and around on this. All I wanted was a simple yes or no answer to my question, and he wouldn’t step up and just say it. This is where he and I differ. If it were someone on my team, I’d have given them a definitive answer, and most likely it would have been “NO! Go take the time you have earned and planned to take”. I’d have made sure that they left the building guilt free, not with the sword of “I know you’ll do the right thing” hanging over their head. I am a better leader than that!

Soon my wife and I will pack our things for a fun weekend of camping. Who knows, maybe there will be a progress picture along the way!

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