October 3 – Week 31 weigh-in, update on the 1,500 minute challenge

Good morning, and a happy, Friday Funday to you all.

This morning I weighed-in at 259.0 pounds. That is down 1.2 pounds from last week. My total weight loss to date is 86 pounds, or 24.9% of my original body weight.

This past week I did a good job of limiting my eating, but I wasn’t as diligent with tracking my Weight Watches points. Today I am correcting that and getting back to my detailed tracking. This week I also started the October challenge to exercise for 1,500 minutes in the month. Here is my progress so far:

1500 chalenge

On Thursday morning I walked my neighborhood before work. It was very foggy and eerie walking between 4:15 am and 5:25am. But it also felt great. I do have a couple of hot spots on my feet, so I am taking today a little easier on the walking. I will still get in my minimum of 48 minutes, just not all of it will be walking like yesterday.

I also created a new chart for my data called “Weight loss by month”.

weight loss by month

I will update this on the first weigh in of every month, and will now be including it on my progress chart page. I find it interesting. That first month is a true outlier as I started the process. Since then I have been close to 10 pounds per month. In September there was a fall off, which I attribute to two things

  1. As I lose weight, it gets harder to lose weight
  2. I didn’t hit the gym or the sidewalk as well as I should have

I can’t do anything about #1, that’s just a happy fact of weight loss. For #2 I have stepped up with a new exercise challenge, and intend to increase my burn accordingly. This month I expect to lose the same, or slightly more than I did in September.

How did you do this week?

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