October 24 weigh-in – I wasn’t expecting this…

Earlier this week I wrote about accountability. I talked about how I wasn’t performing well, and I needed to “fess up” here on my blog. And, I made the commitment to myself to be more diligent on point tracking and on reaching my 1,500 minute exercise goal for October. I followed through on those commitments, and the scale definitely told the tale this morning.

For week 34 I weighed in at 252.0 pounds. That is a 4.4 pound loss for the week! I was expecting to see a decent number, but not a loss like that. I was pleasantly surprised. I am now down a total of 93 pounds, or 27% of my original weight.

I am very pleased this morning, and feeling good. Here is my exercise chart for the challenge:

1500 chalengeThe chart shows totals through yesterday. Today I have already done a 1 hour workout at the gym (after my weigh-in), so I am on track for today as well. With 8 days left to track, I need to average 47 minutes per day to reach 1,500.

For the week ahead the plan is to say on plan. I will continue to do my workouts and take my walks, and I will continue to track my food.


  1. WOW! That’s amazing!!!! Great job! And thanks for “fessing up”! It’s helpful to those of us who are struggling to be reminded that successful people struggle too!


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