A fun NSV on a Thursday.

My company has a contract for  cleaning services in my building. Most of the cleaning is done in the wee hours of the day, before most people ever arrive. Being an early starter, I see the ladies a few times each week. They are immigrants, so their English isn’t good. But they are always smiling as they busily empty trash, recycling and vacuum.

This morning I was in for a 7:00am meeting. I stepped out of my team room to pick up a print out when I heard “Sir, sir”, from behind me. I turned and one of them asked if she could ask me something.

I am in the process of moving to a new office and have been filling my trash and recycling cans daily. I was thinking they were going to mention that. Instead one of them said “you lose so much weight. How you do it?”

I told them I was doing weight watchers since March and had increased my exercise. They asked how much I lost and I told them 93 pounds so far.

They complimented me and told me I looked great.

Here are 2 ladies who I have only occasionally ever talked to. I am one of probably 1500 people in my building. It was clear they were hesitant to ask, but worked up the courage.

My weight loss had an impression on them and they took the time to tell me. I’d say that counts as a huge non-scale victory.

I don’t know what tomorrow’s weigh in will bring. Whatever it is, this week will be a win!

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