Week 35 Weigh-in and Final update on the 1,500 minute challenge

Good morning!

Today I tipped the scale at 251.4 pounds. That represents a 0.6 pound loss from last week. My total weight loss is now at 93.6 pounds or 27.1% of my original body weight.

This morning I did a 60 minute treadmill work out. Here is my chart to date for the challenge to exercise 1,500 minutes in October:

1500 chalenge

I did it! I exercised for 1,500 minutes in the month of October. If I end up taking an exercise walk today, it will go higher. So far I am at 1,525 for the month.

For the week ahead the plan is to continue to work out in the morning before work. I find that I am more energetic in the morning when I start the day this way.

It is definitely getting harder to lose weight. Over the last 8 weeks, I have averaged 1.9 pounds lost. I have had a few stellar weeks, and a few that were more flat. As I am shedding the easy pounds and working out more, I am also increasing in muscle mass. This is a great thing for my long term health, but it does tend to slow the weight loss.

How are you doing on your journey?


  1. Congratulations. So well done. I think I should take up a similar challenge. So this is just time? Did you monitor your speed? Did you work on increasing it? Do you think you weren’t challenging yourself enough and hence the lack of weight loss? I am only thinking out aloud. Anyway, what an amazing milestone to achieve. I am very impressed how you challenge yourself all the time. I am going to take up something. I think I will need it for maintaining my sugars.


    1. For October it was just about time in terms of tracking. I did increase my treadmill speed from 2.9 to 3.2 mph over the course of the month and most of the time was on a 2% or1.5% incline. On the bike I was steady in resistance.

      I honestly think the slowing of my weight loss has more to do with the fact that there isn’t so much low hanging fruit. Any “easy” pounds are gone. But 1.9 lb per week is still strong for an average.

      Slow and steady wins the race.


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