Yesterday was hard

At my company, thanks to a contract negotiated by the union, we get Federal Election days as a company Holiday. I am not a member of the union, but the offices are also closed. So, biannually I get the second Tuesday of November off. Whenever this comes up on the calendar, I automatically book the day before as a vacation day. It gives me a nice, long weekend in early November to work on some pre-holiday projects around the house. My wife’s company doesn’t get election day off, and she gets fewer vacation days in general than I do, so I spend these two days home alone. Yesterday was particularly difficult for me in terms of my journey.

In past years I would have risen with my wife, seen her off to work, and then headed out for a super tasty, fast food breakfast. It was a special day, so I’d probably have opted for something like the steak, egg and cheese on a bagel at McDonald’s. Then I would have come home and worked on my projects for the morning. At lunch time I would probably have headed out to Wendy’s for a more “healthy” alternative. Probably something like a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, and whatever they call their grilled chicken wrap. Later, when my wife got home, I’d have a full dinner.

I don’t even want to calculate what the Weight Watchers Points Plus would be for that kind of an extravaganza, but I think I am safe when I say that it would likely approach double what my allowed points are today. Did I mention that in between all those meals I’d have probably had some tasty, salty snacks?

Since March 1, I have been re-teaching myself about eating. I am actively working to break my old eating habits. I now try to only consume foods that have points at meal times, and have zero point snacks between meals. I do allow myself a few points in the evening for some Skinny Pop popcorn, but generally speaking, if it isn’t meal time I try not to consume points.

Yesterday was hard. All day long I kept thinking about making a trip out for food. I had to run an errand that took me past one of my favorite diners, and thought about stopping for lunch. After all, a salad or a gyro at a diner is better than Wendy’s, right?

I am happy to say that I didn’t succumb to the temptation. I had my own breakfast at home (2 scrambled eggs with some mushroom and two thin slices of ham, accompanied by a single piece of toast), and I avoided the diner. For lunch I had a half of a ham sandwich with some cheese. But all day long I wanted more. The fruit that I normally have as a snack weren’t satisfying me. It was a struggle.

Ultimately I won out in the struggle. I stayed on points for the day, and went to bed feeling good about my choices.

I guess the point of this post is that as far as I have come, it is still not automatic for me. My old patterns, my old habits are still there, lurking just below the surface. I made good choices yesterday, and I plan to make good ones today, but the temptation is always still present.

How are you doing with re-teaching yourself about eating? What mechanisms do you have in place to help keep yourself on track?


  1. I struggle with falling back into those old habits, too. In my job, we sometimes work very long hours, and the thing I would normally do after my hour drive home on top of that long day would be to stop and pick up a pizza or dinner from Burger King. I guess the up side to the long drive is that I also have plenty of time to talk myself out of the easy alternative and think about what healthy dinner I could put together quickly instead. I don’t always win this struggle, but I have not once stopped at Burger King (which is directly on my way home and less than a mile from my house) since I started on this journey. I guess the best mechanism I have in place for nights like this is the prepping I do on Sundays, making sure I have ready-made food available in the house. And pep talks. Lots of pep talks.


  2. Being at home…is the worst!

    Well done and staying the course…I know exactly how hard it is. You deserve a cape or medal for that! lol

    I find when at home…no amount of fruit and healthy food will do. Something I still battle with over weekends. When in a routine at work, I am 100% fine…weekends….Oi.

    Definitely not automatic for me to want fruit over chocolate or plain yoghurt over cake. But I try… If I know I want to indulge in some cake on a Saturday, I make sure my breakfast is as clean as possible and no snacking in between and the cake will be my lunch. Not the best idea I know, but it beats the alternative, where in the old days it was: ‘I’m having cake today, may as well pig out all day!’. Baby steps… I wonder if there will ever be a day where I don’t want the junk 😦


    1. There will be a day, but it takes a long time of replacing the habit with something new, and establishing a pattern of success. It’s not automatic for me, and I still want the junk, but I am less likely to give in today than I was even a few months ago.

      Stay strong

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