ANNOUNCING A NEW CHALLENGE! Read to see how I plan to manage through the winter blahs

Good morning! It is nearly the middle of November. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it means that Fall is about half over, and Winter is right around the corner. This week there was a fairly nasty snow storm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and other parts of the Northern US. All too soon that will be the norm for my area as well. If you are like me, that is not very good news. As Winter sets in I tend to become less active, less energetic, and more depressed. Part of it can be blamed on the lack of sunshine, and part of it is that I just become more sedentary. Not this year! This year I am going to take on a challenge that will motivate me through the next few months. At the end I will have more energy than I do today instead of less. And, I will end the winter weighing less than I did at the start instead of more. Does that sound like a challenge worthy of your attention? If so… read on.

As many of you know, I am a fan of NASCAR racing. This weekend, on November 16, the NASCAR season comes to a close with the final race at Homestead. The next race that counts for points in the Sprint Cup series will take place on February 22, 2015 when they drop the green flag on the Daytona 500. Inclusive of those two race dates, there will be 99 days in between. Here is my challenge to myself and all of you. I call it….

The Daytona 500 Walking Challenge

The challenge is to walk 500 kilometers from the day of the last race in this season, until the beginning of the first race next season. There are 99 days, so that basically means I will have to average walking a 5K event every day, with one extra thrown in as a bonus. For those, like me, who sometimes struggle with the metric to imperial conversion, 5 kilometers is 3.1 miles. The challenge is to walk 310 miles in those 99 days.

This will be particularly challenging because it will be winter. The opportunities to walk outside, as I did for the August walking challenge, will be far fewer. And when I do walk outside it will take longer due to cold and snow. This means I’ll be doing more treadmill work along the way, and finding places indoors to do some walking.

Additionally, with the Holidays mixed in, there will be more days when I just don’t want to, or won’t have much of an opportunity to, get out and walk. It means there will be a lot of days when I will need to walk 6 or 7 kilometers for the day to stay on pace.

I really believe this challenge will be a great boost to my otherwise down spirit of Winter. Knowing every day that there will be some exercise walking involved will keep me going, and keep me in a better mood.

If you are a runner, then the challenge would be to run 500K in 99 days. If you are an experienced walker, then the challenge may be to do this on an increased incline or at a higher pace than you normally would walk. I encourage you to tailor the challenge to your particular needs.

What do you think? Will you join me in this challenge?



  1. I am going to join you, as soon as I am cleared for exercise. God knows I need a challenge. So this is basically 5k for the next 99 days? 3.5 miles a day? I think that is doable if we put our minds to it right? Also I have always been amazed and impressed by how well you keep up with your challenges. I am absolutely in.

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  2. That’s a good idea for a challenge Bobby! I lose energy in winter and I also seem to eat more because I’m cooped up inside and bored, so I totally get where you’re coming from. Good luck, 500km is a long distance but if anyone can do it, you can! 🙂

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      1. Well in the land down under we’re already getting into the heat of summer, it’s meant to be 95F tomorrow! I actually have been planning to start doing some walking though, so maybe I should take up the challenge. I’ll definitely consider it.


        1. I didn’t know you lived in Australia. I forget how far away some of my followers are. When I did my August walking challenge it was Summer in the US. So, I know all about walking outside when it is steamy.

          I am sure you’ll find a fun way to stay active!


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