100.8! Holy crap.

I am excited and a bit stunned this morning. Today, after 37 weeks on my journey, I weighed in at 244.2 pounds. That is down 3.4 pounds from last week, and my grand total weight loss is now at…

100.8 Pounds!

I have now lost 29.2% of my original body weight. My BMI is now 33.12, down from 46.79 when I started.

I feel great this morning. I do have a busy schedule for the morning and early afternoon, so this post will be brief. Come back later this weekend to find out my strategy for the Holiday season. I also plan to write some reflections on how my life is different now than on February 28th.

Make it a great day for yourself!


  1. Wow! Just wow! Congratulations. I know this didn’t come easy and you really deserve a pat on your back. Also huge thanks for being such a great motivation.


  2. Bobby, I’m tempted to use the expression, “I don’t believe it,” but I absolutely DO believe it! What a monumental accomplishment! So proud to know you and so happy to be following you on this journey.


    1. Thank you Alison. Honestly, it is sometimes hard for me to believe it. I keep checking to see if I really weighed that much back then. And, I stepped on and off the scale at least 4 times yesterday. Pinch me.


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