Daytona 500 Challenge day 1, and a fun progress picture

The Sprint Cup season ended today for NASCAR racing. Congratulations to Kevin Harvick on a magnificent season. With that last race, the Daytona 500km walking challenge begins. I started my day with a 10km walk on the treadmill, so 1 day into the challenge here is my chart:


I still have a very long way to go, but I wanted to get off on a good start and get ahead. I walked at a faster pace than usual (3.5mph), and when I was done I had a hot spot on my foot. Didn’t develop into a blister yet, so I am probably ok. But, I will be watching that closely.

Yesterday my family made a trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. There we visited a Christmas store called Bronner’s, and it gave me an opportunity to recreate a picture from a visit a year ago. here is that comparison:

frankenmuth comparison

The writing on the picture tells the tale. As it turns out, my wife was able to buy me a polo shirt that was nearly the same color as the one I had on last year, only 2 sizes smaller. The jeans were bought on Friday night. I was apprehensive about buying 42″ waist pants because they fit me a bit snug, but I decided to go for it. Here is the best part, they weren’t from the big and tall section of the store!

How are you doing on your journey? Are you joining me in the walking challenge?


  1. That is such an amazing before and after picture. You have to celebrate yourself. I am definitely taking up this challenge. I do need to get cleared by my doctor to start any sort of activity but I will know by this Wednesday. And then I will be on my way.

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