Week 42 Weigh-in – Staying on track, and an update on the Daytona 500km challenge

Hello. It’s my weigh-in day. Today marks the end of my 42nd week since starting my journey back on March 1. This morning my weight was 237.6 pounds. That is a 2.0 pound decrease since last week. My total weight loss is now at 107.4 pounds, or 31.1% of my original weight.

I have been back to the gym since I am now healthy again. This morning I did another 10km, which puts my total at 179.7km since I started the challenge. My running average is back up to 5.3km/day, and I am on pace to exceed the 500km total by the 22nd of February. Here is my updated chart:


For the sake of brevity, I am only showing the last 10 days.

The week ahead will have a few extra challenges.

On Saturday we are planning to have fajitas for dinner. That’s a meal that will surely make me want to have more than the norm for the day.

Tuesday we are going to a bit multi-family Christmas party. Plenty of food and drink to be had there.

Wednesday (Christmas Eve), we will have our traditional dinner (I will have to write about that before next week, it is quite a story).

Christmas Day we will travel to see the rest of my family in Ohio.

On December 27 (which is actually in the next cycle), we will be with my wife’s family celebrating.

I have decided that I will move my weigh-in up one day next week. I will do it on Christmas morning (Thursday), because I won’t be with my scale on Friday.

For the season to date, I am down 4.4 pounds. My goal is to weigh less on January 2 than I did on the Friday before Thanksgiving. So far, so good, but many temptations ahead.

In the coming week I am off work, so I also plan to work out daily. I am thinking that I will walk between 7.5km and 10km daily, except when I am out of town. All of that will help keep things in order as well

How are you doing with the Holidays? Now is a great time to re-commit yourself. It is never too late to make the next choice the right one. You can do this!

I'd love to read what you think. Feel free to comment. You can do so anonymously if you like, but I'd really like to know who you are if you don't mind. Thank you for reading! :)

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