An NSV, and NSF, an update on my walking challenge, and an executive decision

From the headline, this promises to be an action packed post! So much I want to say on the day before Christmas Eve. So, here goes.


Yesterday I wasn’t feeling myself. I was home alone as my wife was battling the grocery stores. My son, who is staying with us for the Holidays, was working from a coffee shop. I had a few little things to do, but no car to get out and about. So, I did a few things in the house, and then waited patiently for people to get home. And by patiently, I mean very impatiently. By the time they got back I was antsy and restless. I hadn’t eaten dinner, because I was waiting for them, and once they came home there didn’t seem to be a plan. I went to run an errand, and when I got back I walked in on my wife wrapping a present for me (I didn’t see it, she is pretty quick).

Anyway, I was really on edge. Then I made a decision. I put on my gym clothes and headed out for a work out. I didn’t do anything intense, just 2km, but when I was done I felt better. That was my NSV for the day. I conquered my anxiety with a trip to the gym.


Sadly, the story doesn’t end there. I came home at about 8:30, still having not had dinner. I had plenty of WW points to give, so I decided to have a sandwich. It was a nice ham and cheese on whole wheat. I added some lettuce, and a pickle on the side, then finished it off with a juicy orange. It was wonderful. By 9:00pm I was done eating. Something told me I was still hungry. Did I remember what I’ve learned and wait 20 minutes to decide whether to eat more? No! I made another sandwich. In the greater scheme of things, that 10 point sandwich isn’t the end of the world. I ended up still on points for the day because I’d eaten so little earlier. But here I was at 9:00pm eating way too much. I paid! I had indigestion all night, and when I stepped on the scale today (more on that later), I was appalled.

I would call my late night ham sandwich a non-scale fail.

Updated on the Daytona 500km Walking Challenge

With the 2km I did last night, it brought my total for the day to 12km. Here is my chart to date:


I have cracked the 200km mark with 63 days to go. I am on pace to walk 539km. In the 10 days since recovering from my cold, I have averaged 7.9km/day. I am feeling quite good. I am not sure if I am going to the gym today. If I do, it will likely be a 7km trip.

An Executive Decision

After last night’s little eating extravaganza, I stepped on the scale this morning and was up several pounds since my weigh in. Now, I know that I haven’t ..ummm.. gone potty yet, and that I haven’t worked out today. I also know that ham is salty and it’s likely I am retaining some water. Yes, yes, I know all those things. But here is the problem. While I am planning to be good through the holiday parties starting tonight, and going every night until Saturday, I also know there won’t be a good morning to weigh in. I could just say that whatever it is on Christmas morning is my weight. That was my plan when last I wrote about weigh-ins. But, if I am up that morning, then I will be depressed and food obsessed all weekend. It’s freaking Christmas for crying out loud! I don’t want that to be what I am thinking about as I am surrounded by my closest friends and family. NO!

I have made the executive decision that there will be no official weigh-in this week. My next weigh-in will be on January 2. Whatever is my weight that day I will own. Up, down or the same, and I will remember that this season is not about food, it’s about family and friends!

What’s your plan for the next week?


  1. After so much done and accomplished, the scale still controls you that much? It is but a number my friend, but you do what you think is necessary to keep your spirits high!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Keep up the good fight.


  2. Bobby, this post made me chuckle. As an accountant, I see NSF, and I think, “he’s going to tell us he bounced a check?” Haha. Anyway, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to stay away from the scale this week. Today, I caught myself doing a little Christmas pre-gaming… by which, I mean, I had 3 cookies and 3 WW brownies, UGH!

    I will be weighing in on Monday, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about it. I don’t anticipate anything to astronomically go wrong, but like I said, I’m an accountant, and I NEED those numbers to complete my charts and graphs!!!!

    And congrats on your NSV!


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