My week 44 weigh-in, and thoughts going forward

This morning I pulled the scale out of its hiding place. When I made the decision two weeks ago that today would be my next weigh-in, my wife and I stashed it away. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I stepped on it. My assumption was that I’d be up since the last time, with all the Holiday treats I’ve consumed. I was worried about how much it would be up. I stepped on, closed my eyes and waited. When I was ready I opened them and….the scale was blank. I’d waited too long and it shut off. So, I stepped off, let it reset, then stepped on again.

The scale measured me at 242.8. That is up 5.2 pounds since my last weigh in. My total loss is now 102.2 pounds or 29.6% of my body weight.

Back on November 22, I posted my Five Point Plan for surviving the Holidays. At the conclusion of that post I said I would lose weight between that date and January 1. Well, my weigh-in was January 2, and I actually gained 0.8 pounds. All things considered, that isn’t bad. I essentially maintained during that time. For the month of December I was up a bit more, but that was offset by a loss just after that initial post.

I am a little disappointed today, I will be honest. I had a great time over the Holidays, and I have zero regrets about the food and drink I consumed. So, don’t misread disappointment from me as regret. I am, though, disappointed that for the season I was essentially level. I would have liked to have lost some in that time.

So, now it is back to work. I have 47.8 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight of 195. There is still work to be done, and today it restarts.

Looking ahead

On New Years Day, my wife and I had some friends and our oldest daughter over to have dinner and visit. One of the ladies who was here asked me a question which I want to address here, since my answer wasn’t well thought out at the time. She asked “What are you going to do differently to lose your remaining weight.” I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, but I have been thinking about it since. The implication was that I wouldn’t be able to do the same things to lose the last 48 pounds that I did to lose the first 100 pounds. She asked me if I thought it would be harder to lose that additional weight.

As I said, I have thought about it hard since that time. And, I have an answer. What will I do differently to lose the remaining weight ?…… NOTHING!

Let me walk you through my thinking on this. If I had woken up this morning at the weight I am, and had not lost 100+ pounds in 2014, I would still likely want to lose weight. I am obese by all measures. I have belly fat, and because of my weight I would be at risks for health issues like diabetes, heart disease and the like. So, in this scenario, I wake up at 242.8, or about 50 pounds over weight. What would be a good plan of attack to lose that weight?

The simple answer is in this formula:

weight formula 2If I woke up this morning, wanting to lose weight, I would have to use this formula. I would have to commit myself to burning more calories than I consume. That formula didn’t change since March 1, or ever in the history of weight loss. My experience tells me that if I work the eating side of the equation, I will get better results than if I work the burn side, so I would look to limit how much food I eat. I’d look for a way to sustainably reduce my food intake, that is balanced and healthy. I would want something that would adapt as I lost weight. Ideally there would be some tools for tracking my food, and letting me know if I was on track or not. In short, I’d join Weight Watchers!

But wait, that’s what I’ve been doing since March 1. So, the answer to her question of what I plan to do differently, is NOTHING! I plan to continue to track my points in the Weight Watchers app on my phone. I also plan to continue to work out 5 to 7 hours a week, but even if that drops a bit, I will lose weight by sticking to the points plan.

As I said in a previous post on Just some thoughts I have…, the formula for weight loss is simple, but not easy. It is simple because all I have to do is burn more calories than I consume, but it is not easy. And that leads me to the answer to her follow up question. She also asked me if it would be hardER to lose the additional weight (my emphasis on the “er”). Again, the answer is NO. It won’t be harder. The reason it won’t be harder to lose the additional 48 pounds is that losing the first 102 was REALLY HARD! It took me 38 weeks to lose 102 pounds. I had to work hard to make that happen. I had to track and measure my food, increase my activity, and commit to the program. I had to make sure I didn’t cheat or make excuses along the way. I had to hold myself publicly accountable and ‘fess up when I hit snags in the road. I had to be willing to bare myself for all to see so I could make a lifestyle change that would be sustainable and lasting. Losing 102 pounds was FREAKING HARD TO DO.

As I am sitting here thinking about it, the answer to the follow up question of whether it will be harder to lose the remaining weight isn’t just no. The answer is, “No. If anything it will be easier.” I am not saying it will be easy, what I am saying is that for me, I have already laid the tracks. I’ve already taught myself how to eat properly, how to measure and track my foods, and how to live with being a little hungry now and again. I have already taught myself how to stay hydrated. I have learned that the gym isn’t a scary place, and that going there won’t end in tears. I know that the more I work the better I feel. I have already conquered all of those things, and let me tell you, that was hard to do.

Now I just have to stick to the plan. Will there be times I want to stray? Yes, just as there were in the last 44 weeks.

A better question to ask, and one that I have pondered is “How long will it take to lose the remaining weight? Won’t the pounds come off more slowly?” And the answer there is YES, the rate of weight loss will slow now because I have lost so much already. But, again, I go back to the premise I had above. If I was just starting out today, I would set my expectation to be that I will lose 1 to 2 pounds a week if I follow the plan. And….that’s what my expectation was when I started.

Before my Holiday splurge, my average for the previous 10 weeks was 1.86 pounds lost per week. With the Holidays, my last 10 week average is .92 pounds lost per week. Hey, that’s 1-2 pounds lost over about a 12 week period. I’ll take that!

In my next post I am going to talk about some thoughts I have about this blog, and things I want to do with it in 2015. For now I will close with this thought. Going forward on my Journey to better health, I plan to do exactly what I have been doing all along. I am not going to be pulled down by negative thoughts that it might not work, nor am I going to seek any quick fixes. I am in this for my lifetime. If it takes some time, I’m OK with that. What’s important is that I live, act and eat differently today than I did on February 28, 2014, and I will do for for a long time to come.


  1. Keep it up, you’re an inspiration my friend! I wish that simple kcal in, kcal out thing would work on me as it’s supposed to, but even for my messed up body, it holds true in its own way. Eat less, move more – guaranteed weight loss, in what kind of increments it’s tough to say, but it does work!


  2. Losing weight is hard, no matter how you look at it. Once you get into a groove, I feel like it’s much easier because you have a routine. The great thing about Weight Watcher is that they teach you how to live the rest of your life. Eat anything you want, in moderation. I heard that the difference in losing and maintaining your weight is 5 – 7 extra pounds a day. That’s not a heck of a lot.

    You’ve been such an inspiration to me this year, Bob! I look forward to seeing you cross the finish line of your journey is 2015!


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