Update on the Daytona 500 challenge, and the Bobby-C Fashion Show

It is Wednesday, and I wanted to update you on a few things going on with me.

First, the Daytona 500 challenge. I missed far too many days during the Holidays, so I have no cushion now to complete 500km by February 22. I will need to average about 5.1km per day for the remaining 47 days. I know there will be days I miss, so I am trying to make sure I do 6km on weekdays, and 10 – 12 on weekends. I have a new formula for 6km in the morning. I set the treadmill to 3.7MPH, I watch one episode of Dexter, then walk for two songs from Spotify. At the end of about 1 hour and 1 minute, I am at 6km. Here is my chart for the last 10 days:


Some of you might remember reading about Brooke Birmingham last year. She is the author of the blog “Brooke Not on a Diet”. She gained notoriety because Shape magazine wouldn’t publish her weight loss picture because she posed in a bikini and showed a lot of hanging skin. It was quite a sensation at the time. Well, she’s back in the news, and is in this month’s Shape Magazine. Inspired by this I bought a copy of the magazine, and also a one year subscription. I am looking forward to seeing what is in the magazine. (One thing I already noticed, and I haven’t read the whole thing yet. On page 33 there is a full page ad from GNC that looks to me to be nothing but snake oil. More on that after I’ve done my homework).

Part of my Christmas gift was money from family to do with as I pleased. Today I decided to spend that money on 3 new pair of pants for work. Here is a montage I like to call the Bobby-C-Fashion show (Mrs. Bobby-C gets the photographic credit).

fashion show

Each of the panels features one of the new pair of pants, and also one of the new dress shirts that my lovely wife gave me for Christmas. I also bought some new workout gear so that a lack of shorts which fit is never an excuse to miss a workout.

Things are going well for me this week. I am glad to be back to my routine, and as a result I am staying on my points. I am looking forward to a good weigh-in this week, and for many weeks to come!


  1. Yay, Bobby! You look great! I am so happy that you had a successful time clothes shopping! Also, congratulations on the progress with your Daytona 500 challenge! Great job!


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