Dennis? Scott? An identitiy crisis for Bobby-C?

Two funny things from a wintry Monday.

This morning I was on a call at work when my personal cell phone rang. It was my wife and I couldn’t take the call so she left me voice mail. My phone’s voice mail application will transcribe the message that’s left into words for fast reading. When I got off the call I had to laugh. Here is what was on my screen:

“Hey scott it’s beth I just wanna say thank you for…”

The rest of the message isn’t important. What IS important is that my name isn’t Scott, and my wife’s isn’t Beth! It put a smile on my face when this happened because it was the second case of mistaken identity for me today.

Earlier I had to take my car to the company garage for an oil change. When the oil change was done I decided to stop at 7-11 for a second cup of coffee. I’ve written before about how that 7-11 is special to me. For years I went there just about every work morning for coffee. It got to where the manager, Jim and the cashier, Tara, knew me by name and would ask how I was doing.

Because I’ve been working in a different building, I haven’t been to that 7-11 much in the last few years. This morning I went in, poured my usual cup of hazelnut coffee and went to the register to pay. There wasn’t a line, so there was time for chit chat. When I got to the counter, Jim said to Tara “Do you recognize this guy?”

Tara immediately replied with “Yes! This is Dennis.”

Dennis?! That isn’t even close.

Jim corrected her that I was Bob (he remembered), and said that it was understandable that she wouldn’t recognize me because it looked like I had lost 50 pounds. I was wearing my Carhart coat that I bought last winter at my highest weight, so it is understandable that he thought I’d lost 50. I smiled and said that I had actually lost over 100.

We had a brief conversation about my weight loss, and Tara mentioned that she is working to lose weight as well.

I guess it’s true. I’ve lost so much weight people don’t even recognize me anymore. Even my voice mail has no idea who this slim guy is.


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