Update on 2 challenges


Just now when I got out of my car, home from dinner with a friend, the temperature was at a brisk 1 degree F. I am sitting at my desk in my home office with the door shut (my house has been completely invaded by a raucous crowd of BUNCO ladies). Ordinarily my office would feel like an oven, but right now it just feels toasty.

I wanted to give an update tonight on the two challenges I am undertaking.

The Daytona 500km Challenge

This challenge is to walk 500km between between the end of last year’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Season (November 16), and the drop of the green flag for the Daytona 500 on February 22. All of this walking is intentional walking, so I am not counting any incidental walking I do during the day (more on that later). Here is my chart for the past 10 days:

daytonaI didn’t go to the gym this morning, as I elected to have an extra hour of sleep. I will be back at it tomorrow. As you can see my running average is just under 5.0km/day, and I need to average 5.1 km/day for the remainder of the challenge. It will be …well…challenging to finish. My company observes Martin Luther King day, so this coming weekend is a 3-day for me. Present plan is to walk 10km on at least two, if not all three of those days. That will put me back on track. I am determined to make this happen, so I will!

The Extra 1,000 Step Challenge

Fellow blogger Rachael, who writes My Journey One Day at a Time, challenged her readers to add 1,000 steps to whatever is their average per day, and to do that for a month. The challenge started yesterday and goes until February 12. I looked at the pedometer on my phone and based on my average for the last 6 weeks, I set my sites on 5,000 steps per day. This is all incidental walking and doesn’t include the walking I am doing for the Daytona 500km challenge.

Yesterday I had no trouble hitting 5,000 and beyond. Today at lunch I was sitting at about 3,000 steps. On both days I have used the inside lap of my building to beef up my numbers. Each lap is about 500 steps, and I did several laps at a time, as I had time between meetings or after lunch.

Here is my chart for the first two days:

stepsIn my Excel worksheet, the steps column is colored green to show that I made my goal for the day. It’s possible that I set the bar too low for this challenge. I may revise it to be at least 6,000 steps per day. On the other hand, when I am home on weekends that might prove difficult, so maybe it will stay at 5,000

Either way, this challenge is already having the desired effect of making me think about walking during the day. With the 6km walks I have been taking at the gym, I’ve become complacent about walking during the rest of the day. This is refocusing me to be more active all during the day.

How are you doing with your challenges and fitness goals for the year? If you haven’t started, or you have stumbled, that’s ok. That can happen to any of us. Rededicate yourself to starting fresh. Don’t even wait until tomorrow. Start now! You can do this.


  1. Great job, Bobby! I’m proud of you!

    I’m also glad that my challenge has had the desired effect. 😉

    I have been cutting corners when it comes to moving as much as possible throughout the day, so I figured others probably were, too.

    Keep it up the great job! 😀


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