35 points for a salad?!? Are you #*&@ing kidding me?

Last night I had dinner with a friend. Our wives were playing BUNCO at my house so I needed to get away.

After some discussion we decided on Applebee’s. When we got there we found a pepper crusted sirloin that was only 350 calories. Sadly, they were out of it. I perused the menu and opted for the Oriental Chicken Salad.

I didn’t check the Weight Watchers  points for it before ordering. It’s a salad for crying out loud, how bad could it be?

THIRTY FIVE POINTS!!! That’s how bad.

Needless to say, I went over for the day. It’s one day and certainly not the end of the world, but it did serve as a reminder. Just because they call it a salad doesn’t make it healthy.

I will Remer to check the Weight Watchers app next time.


  1. Here is an interesting follow-up to this post. When I got home and used the nutrition information from their website to calculate my points, I used the row for regular Oriental Chicken Salad. It calculated out to 35 points.

    This morning I remembered that I actually ordered the GRILLED chicken option. With a bit of hope in my heart, I went back to the site to do a recount. I plugged in all the numbers and what do you know? It was THIRTY-FIVE again!

    I even did something that seemed semi-healthy, and got nowhere.

    Perhaps Applebee’s is the devil.


  2. I have found that anything that’s not on the “Have It All” menu is a BAD choice. Anything that’s not on that section of the menu is high in points. There’s only ONE salad on that section of the menu, FYI. Just goes to show you that their salads aren’t that great!

    Applebee’s is HORRIBLE when it comes to the amount of sodium they use, too.

    It used to be one of my favorite places to go have a beer + some food + watch baseball.

    Not anymore!


  3. WOW! Did you feel incredibly thirsty afterwards? My most recent Applebee’s experience will be my last because of the ridiculous salt content of their food – and in my opinion it is all lacking in flavor and freshness.

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