I refuse to participate in Blue Monday!

Sunday morning I was driving my wife’s car to the gym. She had the radio set to a news station, and as they were wrapping up for the hour they threw in a little filler that today, January 19th, is apparently Blue Monday. When I got home I did some digging on this.

Apparently someone has figured out that today is the most miserable day of the year. The theory goes that Christmas and New Year’s Day are behind us, the weather is miserable (for many of us), most people have broken their New Year’s resolutions, and the bills from the Holidays are coming due. Oh, and just for kicks, it is a Monday.

I am sure for many people this is a tough day. One could call it the “dog days” of Winter. The next thing to look forward to is Valentine’s Day, and many people loathe that day as well. Over the next month or so, snow will be falling along with the temperature.

After reading all of these articles about Blue Monday, I decided something. I am NOT PARTICIPATING! It will not be a Blue Monday for me today, nor will the rest of the winter be a time of misery.

I am the first to admit that I despise cold weather. I don’t like clearing snow, I hate when it is cold outside. I don’t participate in winter sports, and when I tried to go photograph an icy lighthouse, I picked the most miserable day on the roads. Long story short, winter and I don’t get along.

But, I also REFUSE to spend a quarter of my life every year being miserable. I have done it in the past, and it sucked. I have allowed the lack of sunshine, and the cold weather, and the snow and sleet to make me miserable. I have allowed my attitude to be bad enough to fall right into the trap of Blue Monday, and the whole dark season thing. But no more!

Starting today I am putting all my energy into enjoying life, even when it is cold outside. I am going to remind myself of these things anytime I feel like I am starting to get down:

  • Since December 21 the days have been getting LONGER. Every day there are a few more minutes of daylight
  • Winter gives me a great opportunity to do indoor projects without feeling like I am missing out on something outside
  • I will likely be camping in about 60 days. I may even pick a weekend and put it on the calendar so I can start the countodwn
  • I am going on a mini-vacation in a few weeks. It will be warm where I am going and I plan to get the most out of it
  • The Super Bowl is in 2 weeks, and I will enjoy watching the game
  • The 2015 NASCAR season starts in 35 days

I could go on, but you get the picture. I have a plan for how to cope with this time of year. So, what’s keeping you from making a plan to cope? Do you find yourself getting down? If so, take 5 minutes right now and make 2 lists.

List #1 – Write out at least 5things you are looking forward to over the next 3 weeks.

List #2 – Make a list of 10 things to do instead of moping around the house when you are feeling blue.

Keep your lists handy and work them. Every week pull out the list and update them. Add more things to look forward to, and add to the list of things to keep you from moping.

Together we can kick this nasty little Blue Monday thing!

I'd love to read what you think. Feel free to comment. You can do so anonymously if you like, but I'd really like to know who you are if you don't mind. Thank you for reading! :)

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