And on the 11th day…

When I made my weekly weigh-in update on Friday, I mentioned that I had been to the gym to work out on 10 consecutive days. Well, yesterday I broke that streak. I decided to sleep in a bit yesterday morning, and never really got going. In fact, not only did I not work out, but I also didn’t get in the 5,000 steps needed for my step challenge.

My wife and I talked about it and we agreed, I had earned a bit of a break. I basically gave myself 24 hours off from the exercise side of things.

This morning I was back and better than ever at the gym. I put in 6.0km in 59.0 minutes on the treadmill. I haven’t hit 5,000 additional steps yet, but the day is young and I plan to get out and take a neighborhood walk in a little bit.

That’s it, just wanted to stay true to my accountability. I won’t be posting the charts today, I will save that for Tuesday.

Here is quick preview of things to come.

Last week I did a review of the menu at Applebee’s. You can read it here. In that blog post I said that I would start a series on restaurants, having a look at their menus. I have decided to call this series “Bobby-C’s Restaurant Survival Guide”. It will appear under the menu item “Restaurants” on my site. I plan to review one chain per week, starting with those which I frequent. Don’t forget to stop by and have a look.

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